7.9.14--I Started a New Class

Red, White, and "Blue" Glads--photographed on the Fourth of July
I signed up for the Audrey Class again. Not so long ago, one of my quilt guilds offered beginning quilters the chance to take a class with Audrey Hiers, an extraordinary quilter and designer.  She had it set up so students were in Kindergarten, First Grade, or Second Grade. My Kindergarten quilt is ready for borders, but I am not! I made the top and designed the blocks for two other quilts, designated as First Grade and Second Grade level. I am not really sure what I will work on tomorrow. Classes are on Mondays.

I have a lot keeping me busy in the studio this summer. I am helping my late sister-in-law finish up some quilts. In return, she let me reconnect with my brother, peek into her world as an artist, and change perspective in my own world. 

The first order of business is to get a top and back ready for the batting, which is on order. I will have it professionally basted, then use the quilting frame to hand quilt it. A second top I will turn into a duvet cover when the buttons arrive. I have yet to order them but I think I am going with natural, wooden ones.  I ordered two more batts for various other projects she let me enjoy.  I will report on those as they move up the list.
Tip of the Iceberg
It has been over a month since I have sewn, cut, or quilted. I predict July will be a month of steady progress. It began with pressing, which you KNOW I LOVE to do! I love that relationship that builds as I come to know intimately the fabric and how it will behave. I guess you remember, I am a ZEN quilter. It is all about the process. This first week in July has been the process of knowing the fabric and assessing what belongs with what. 

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