Poor cold raven. Can you see the ice crystals?

Are you wondering where I am today? I and my strawberry batik notebook are at Sharpe Memorial Methodist Church, Young Harris, Georgia, taking a quilt class!


My January SMALL QUILT CHALLENGE 2013 is complete! I FINALLY attached the binding. I spent almost a month trying to decide if I would put the binding on by machine or by hand. 
Usually I would attach one part by machine, then hand finish the other side but this time, the entire quilt was done by hand and I didn't want to impurify my project. Here it is. It is 19" square. I have found that a quilt which is smaller than a fat quarter yields a TON of scraps for future quilts.

I posted it in my Yahoo group called SmallQuiltTalk .  The group is moderated by Kathleen Tracy, whom I have mentioned before. She is the author of many books I have been studying over the past couple of months. One of my small quilts in the works comes from her Hexagon Flowers Doll Quilt.


My new favorite tea. We were at Whole Foods and SOMEbody bought gourmet beer for the same price as this cannister. THEY only got 6 bottles but I got 36 cups worth.

The next time I get some of this I will have to order it from The Republic of Tea because I am NOT going to wait until I find a Whole Foods around here.


Thought for the Week

This little poster comes from HERE. It was one of those things floating around the FaceBook and/or Pinterest Universe and I found it and liked it. It makes creativity sound like LOVE, doesn't it?

This week I begin my Audrey Class. Audrey Hiers is a member of the "BIG" Guild to which I belong--Misty Mountain Quilt Guild. She has long been recognized as an expert in her artistry and periodically teaches classes. She calls them Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. I hope I am up to her Second Grade class instruction because that is what I am going to take. Here is what the John C. Campbell Folk School says about her when she is on the teaching schedule.

Audrey Hiers had 30 years of service as an educator in Florida before moving to Blairsville, GA, in 1987. Since moving to the mountains, her quilt life has included teaching classes and workshops, offering lectures, and serving as president of the local guild, Misty Mountain Quilters. 

She finds special joy in teaching beginning quilting to children and adults. Audrey's original design, "Crazy Daisies," appeared in McCall's Quilting Magazine, August 2010. Most recently published was "Big Boy," a whimsical quilt of colorful chickens, which appeared in American Quilts for the American Home (Quilting Magazine 2011 special spring issue)

Instead of me "lifting" photos of her work to show you, follow the links below to see some of what she is about.

Find her My Other Garden--Fast Charm Square HERE.
Find her Big Boy HERE--It is a CHICKEN Quilt!

You can see I am going to have great mentorship this week while I try to use up my creativity.


We did NOT get the ice storm we were promised but we did have a few drippy, cold hours.
 I can't say I am disappointed but I might have liked to see a few snowflakes.
 Anyway, it was good weather for hand-sewing. I decided to attach my binding to my January Small Quilts Challenge by hand since all other aspects were hand done. Besides, the sewing machine is nicely stored under my desk and I didn't want to bother setting it up. Time enough later for good light and color choosing for the next project.


I liked having a binder cover so I looked around in my stash for another piece of fabric. This time I was not worried that I would have to throw it away if it was too small for the notebook because I had Plan B--table mats.

I used my walking foot and made some straight line quilting then put on the free-motion foot and let go. I enjoyed it so much! Also, I just LOVE this "new" notebook.


I decided to make a binder cover. I looked in my stash for a piece of fabric big enough but not one I had emotional attachments to. It is hard to throw out a ruined project when it is made of lovely fabric. After I got going on this, I realized if I made it too small to fit the notebook, I could always turn it into place mats! I picked this cheery hot peppers fabric from deeeeeeeep in my stash and quilted it up. I did not put a backing on it when I quilted it. I just used the peppers and the batting. 
 Also, I was out of 407 spray adhesive so I just held on to it the best I could. I made a wonderful discovery.  The fabric really pouched up inside the quilting lines and even though I used a very thin quilt batting, it looks quite substantial! I used the pebble quilting design but on these hot peppers, I call it SELTZER BUBBLES. 


I found this free pattern HERE and had to make one. My idea was to try out the design and go forward with a porcupine design. I like it so well I may just keep making the mice.


I bought this pattern called One-Yard Apron by Indygo Junction.  It was one I had hoped I would use over and over again. Unfortunately, the directions for attaching the ties was ambiguous so I just made up my own way to do it. I hate it when a great idea is engineered poorly. I bought this great fabric. Bread and cheese! My plan was to make two of these and give one away or sell it.
Now I have a half yard of bread and a half yard of cheese left and no motivation to try it again.
Maybe I could do something for the table with this cool fabric.

In the mean time, I do have another apron/bib to wear and I got the ties to function adequately.  


I will be "Off Blog" while we get ready for a trip south to visit family. Really, I am looking forward to the trip with the exception of the fact that it is time to buy underwear.

In fact, in a remark to QuiltyFriend (the Original) I said that I would rather have a mammogram.  I have asked/stated to my accompanying family that I will require an afternoon at a REAL MALL to accomplish this mission and I wish to do so ALONE with NO ONE waiting for me.  Surely I would have taken care of this little task locally if not for the fact that I would have had to drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga to find what I require.
"The Iron Maiden has an embrace anyone would want to avoid. Once inside the Iron Maiden’s conical frame, you’re unable to move because of dozens of steel points stabbing from every direction. An interrogator screams questions at you through a small hole, while poking you with jagged edges, or just leaving you for hours to stew in your thoughts."
 ~~ The Web Urbanist

Do you think you will miss me and wish you could be with me on my shopping trip? Then check THIS out: You can download your own torture device COLORING BOOK! It is the next best thing to being there.
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Yes, it is true. I have enjoyed 2012, loading my vision of Tangerine Tango into my stash. I am not a "green" person but I have noticed green creeping its way in. Why, just the other day while with  QuiltyFriend (the original) I bought a grab bag full of green scraps...not an emerald one in the bunch, though. What would you used as a "go with"? I always though yellow (Topaz?) made a nice friend to emerald.


The First Bluebirds of Spring are here. Maybe they never left. I have 38 daffodils and day lilies poking their heads up through the mulch. HomeSon says he saw them on Christmas Day. It has been wet here and we only had snow for a day or so and then it just looked like a Florida yard with white sand here and there.  I did miss having a winter this year. I was ready, with the heavy bathrobe, you know? And plenty of tea!


Happy Birthday, Mom! I would like to have tea with you today. Would you care to share a pot?

We could all make our lives better if we bought this from Upham Street Pottery.


A good Monday thought.  What are you chanting in your secret heart today? Whatever it is, remember the power it has and the influence it carries with your brain chemistry.


Happy Birthday, AwaySon!


Friendship Group has a Scrappy Challenge. Before the next meeting I have to have used up all of the fat eighth of a yard of a yellow 30s style fabric and a fat eighth of a yard of a white on white.
A fat eighth is a piece of fabric which is 9 inches by approximately 22 inches. The challenge this year is to use ALL of the fabric.   

I made this star to use up some of the white and some of the yellow. I added in blue from my stash.

I made these tumbling blocks and added the orange and blue from my stash.


I added teal and orange to the white from the Scrappy fabric to make "Repro Sitting Cat" from QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks series. I think it is in book 5. You can see it is "in progress".
To use up the last of the Scrappy white fabric I chose "Cuppa Joe" by Sindy Rodenmeyer. I had to "smallify" the mug. Oops, I forgot to add the yellow band so it is also in progress.

This hexie flower measures just about 10 inches across and is ready for the hand seaming. The hexies and tumbling blocks are addicting but I prefer to work on a much smaller scale. 

I have an assortment of very small triangles left over and I am going to try my hand at fusible applique. I hope to do this over the next couple of days so I may be able to show you some results in February.


Did I tell you I finally finished the Cherries Bathrobe? It is GINORMOUS! With my hands at my sides, it hangs down to my finger tips. It is polar fleece and does nothing for me in the way of visual enhancement but if I am unusually cold and I slip it on over whatever else I am wearing, it only takes about an hour and I am just as comfortable as anyone else in the room. If I happen to be sitting in front of the fire, it takes even less time! I could easily have made one size smaller but I am glad I did not.


EDITED TO ADD photo to the right after 2.5 hours of sewing and pressing.
It was tough, but I figured out how to cut the first block for Saturday Soiree for Marcus Brothers by Faye Burgos. The little pieces of fabric came with a diagram and also a list of template sizes but NO WHERE does it say, for example, cut 6 of template A with fabric 1 being careful to reserve some of fabric 1 for template 4. 
Fabric 1
I felt like a page of the directions was missing. I suppose quilt shops all across the land are struggling with that. The quilt shops buy the line of fabric and the backing and then buy the permission to make copies of the block directions. They only have what the program gives them, so it is not really their fault. Besides, this is my first Block of the Month, so I don't really know any better, do I ?
Leftover scraps from Block 1
Mine is cut, anyway, and I hope to do some of the machine sewing and pressing today. It is a fairly straightforward block, and looks like it might be the one on the top left.


Today, I attend Friendship Group at Country Stitches in Blue Ridge. I DID sign up for the Soiree Block-of-the-Month and I expect to pick up my first month's worth of fabric and pattern. 

The Friendship Group also has a monthly Scrappy Sew Along, which has my name on the list, too. There were two choices and I chose 30s Reproduction Prints over fruits and vegetables. If you are a knitter and not accustomed to quilt lingo, 30s Reproduction Prints refers to the cheery small prints on bright pastels found on feed sacks and dress goods in the 1930s. I have a plan in mind for mine.

Priscilla usually hands out a fat eighth of a print and a coordinating fat eighth neutral. I am looking forward to this first step to see how it goes with the design I have in mind.


Too cute not to post. I am glad my collection has no limits.


Happy Berfday, HomeSon!


Did the little dog like his share of the quilt?
Seems he takes his share out of the middle.
But at least he shares.


If you thought you recognized some of yesterday's fabric, you are right. Some is from the small size circle quilt. I am nearly finished quilting it and will, I HOPE, have the binding on by the end of this month. Then there is the matter of the small garnet and yellow chicken quilt...


Here are six finished hexagons in size POINT SIX.  That is, the flat sides of each petal of the flower measure six tenths of an inch. The flowers themselves are three inches across. I am sure I do not have the color synced up exactly right but reds and browns are difficult. This is fairly close. 

The pattern calls for 12 of them but as you can see, I have only half that. If I find more fabric in the right color family, I may go to nine. Remember, I DID say I was doing a modification of Kathleen Tracy's Hexagon Flowers Doll Quilt.


I have been working on ideas for little quilts, or doll quilts. Just because. Just because they are fun to do. I am attempting one from the Kathleen Tracy book Civil War Sewing Circle, The Quilts and Sewing Accessories Inspired by that Era.

I joined a little Yahoo Group called Small Quilt Talk and Ms Tracy is the moderator. Last year, the group made a quilt a month challenge. This month is quilter's choice--we are encouraged to select something from one of Ms Tracy's books or any other small style quilt, or design our own.  I thought I would use one I already started and just try to finish it in January but instead, I have chosen to modify one of the quilts from the cover of the Civil War Sewing Circle book.

If you guessed I chose the hexagon flower one, you are correct. Tomorrow, if the sunlight cooperates, I will show you my progress.


So what did you get for Christmas? I got this!
It really does look futuristic. If I ever wanted a motorcycle, I would have a helmet that looks like this. Kind of a RoboCop in turquoise, my favorite color.


She was HERE but moved to HERE. What are the chances that I would stumble onto the blog of another tea set loving quilter?