11.25.15-wk 6

Week 6

Unneeded bedspreads and sheets that go to mattresses no longer in this home.
Headed to Habitat ReStore (where the mattresses went! Just wanted to wash these up to get them ready)
15.2 pounds

11.18.15-wk 5

Continuing the process of DEJUNKIFICATION
Goal: a bag or box a week OUT OF THE HOUSE, 52 such containers by October 13, 2016.

Week 5

Box of winter clothes and special goodies for FartherAwaySon, in Portland.
22.2 pounds


This is how I open a box. 

This is how I open every box. 

I try to use conventional, socially acceptable methods, but every box from lawn furniture to cereal gets this treatment if it refuses to cooperate.

I was fairly excited to find a bedside clock that I liked. I had browsed around online to see what was out there, but nothing caught my eye. You see, I have insomnia. When I wake up, I try NOT to look at my phone to see what time it is. I try NOT to get sucked into the internet vortex and all those blue light rays. Besides, everyone knows that's why you are supposed to buy a PaperWhite Kindle--so the blue light doesn't keep you awake.

So when I found this lovely little clock in my ACE Hardware, I plopped it into my basket. I THOUGHT it said SILENT. Do you see the words SILENT? No, nor do I. Must have been the ugly LED one next to it. tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..

It DOES say luminous hands for night viewing. I expected to be able to use it that night, after popping in the battery. I forgot that in the "CLASSIC" style, the luminosity has to do with being exposed to light first.

Sweet Retro Design
The second night, I forgot that, too. But that's okay. I have a doctor who FINALLY listened to me about my insomnia. I have a new little aid to sleep. Yesterday marked the first time in 30+ years that I had two good nights of sleep in a row. I got so much done those two days! And today is another. I still wake up at 2 or 3 a.m., but I am not finished sleeping for the night! HOORAY! And tonight I will be able to see what time it is without knocking over my glasses, several books, and ripping the cell phone out of the wall because I forget it is charging.

Probably Poirot Approved
Of course, now that I have my perfect clock, I found another, perfecter one. 

If this had been in stock, I would have ordered it immediately. 

Then I would have one for the guest room.


Dejunkifying continues. I feel like I want to organize all this stuff so you can see where I am. So I can see where I am.

One of the first things to leave the house was this double bed with under drawer system. The mattress left, too. I started to record weights with the pictures of things when my computer gave up the ghost. Now, I will try to retrace and continue forward.

This is a picture of the King Size bed I had, once upon a time. It and the mattress, left a year ago to Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Blue Ridge. This was before I started
Dejunkifying, so it doesn't count. I lost the picture I took of the double bed that was just like it, this can stand in. 

Well, maybe it was more like this. At least, last time I saw it, it was. It had 12 drawers and a long drawer from foot to head. This one shows only the bottom level of drawers. It is a platform style, so only a mattress is needed, not box springs.

I figure the double bed system weighed about 500 pounds, and the mattress about 125 pounds.


The air compressor was 29 pounds

The box was 36.2 pounds

Week 4
The bags were 10.6 pounds

So. In the first month, the household is 700.8 pounds lighter. I will try to make Wednesday my dejunkifying post day. 


Spent several hours coordinating photos between devices. I think I can catch you up on all the decluttering. On October 13, I posted that my goal was to remove a bag or box of "stuff" from the house every week for 52 weeks. I DID do this, and photographed it, I just didn't have computer access to post up on the blog, so here is what has left the house:

October 20
One of these type things--to a close family friend. If only I was sure all the parts were together. And it would be great if I ran across the instruction book...

October 27
Thrift store stuff

November 3

Bags of stuff to specific people
I have been busy. There are piles of stuff just waiting to be photographed and sent on its way. If I only had time to figure out how to make my computer and my blog program get along...As you can see, they haven't agreed on how to show writing beside the photos, nor have they agreed upon how to show the photos on the page. Oh, well, at least I am fairly caught up with the 52 boxes or bags.


After more than a month away from my dear, old, ASUS laptop, I could not stand to be limited to my phone and iPad for internet. It was so tricky to even use the internet that way, I could not even BEGIN to write blog posts. 

Catching up:
I have been getting rid of a huge bag or box of "STUFF" each week. I have the photos on my phone--maybe. 

I keep getting messages that my iCloud is beyond capacity to store and back up data. I am prompted to increase storage, but when I touch the correct button, it does not take me anywhere that I can do that. Imagine that happening several times a day. Me: wanting to add more cloud mass, but never arriving where I need to be to go to the next step.

ANYway, I will post photos of old stuff that left when I get a chance. It looks like I have 4 boxes or bags to show. If I can get those photos, I will! I am determined to send out a box or bag a week for 52 weeks.

Blog may be sporadic while I get used to this new contraption. As you may remember, Apple is not matched up to my brain. 

I have a PC brain. 

But, I have an Apple phone, and an iPad. I think Apple is slowly training my brain so it can function with Apple products. 

My first difficulty is opening this laptop. Not only do I keep trying to do it from the back, I almost drop it every time I try to get my fingers in place to part the screen from the keyboard. I have figured it out but I am still so clumsy.

I could NOT get the hang of using the onboard mouse. Nope. I was delighted that she let me use my USB Logitech mouse, which has right and left click. However, she has to remind me that she is boss. The scroll wheel works BACKWARDS. Yup, backwards. When I want a page to scroll down as I am reading, I have to reel that wheel UP. Training is slow, but the rewards are quite nice.