One of my favorite blooms from the Rose Test Garden in Portland.

Just an assortment of the more orange toned flowers.


Acres of roses. Acres.


Jet lag is kicking my ass.


The hydrangeas are in full bloom around here. The picture in the previous post is not color enhanced at all. Never have I seen such saturated blue in a natural blossom. I noticed a lot of houses nearby had the deep blue hydrangeas and I suspect it has something to do with the nutrients naturally occurring in the soil of the West Linn area.

I know the ph  can be tinkered with to get hydrangeas to bloom pinker, bluer, or even lavender. Also, there are some plants that naturally tend one direction or another.

Here is another variety. Sort of wispy, but pretty.

And then, these. Lavender!


     Today is a good day to be a good and kind person.


Coffee is a big deal, here in the Portland, Oregon area. A real big deal. People can tell you all about the beans they ground this morning and the contraption they used to make a cup from their favorite plantation's best roast.

I like coffee, too. And I like it JUST HOW I LIKE IT.

It isn't that I have exclusive taste. In fact, my Portland friends think what I like is, well, dreck.
Get your own crappy coffee right here

I buy my beans already ground.
Yup. I might grind them at the store, but I don't want to mess around and grind each cup I want to drink, just before I make it. 

Also, I like my cups of coffee in the morning to be of uniform temperature and consistently so. I like to have a cup, sit on the porch awhile, mess around on the computer, and pour a second or third cup that is every bit the same as the one I just had.

So you can imagine how my brother was perplexed when I searched for a 

He did have other alternatives 
Back row, L to R: Inoxpran espresso, Breville Grindmaster, Nespresso Vertuoline, Pavoni
 Front row, L to R: Ilsa espresso, Bodum French-press (nothing special), Bodum French-press (fancy), single cup drip factory
but nothing would do until I borrowed one from the neighbor that loaned it to me last time. "I think I have one of those," she said, "because the last people that rented the place left it behind." Left it behind?  A great little machine like that?
MR. COFFEE--not available in Oregon


I am in Oregon, again. Portland. I knew I was here when I realized I had seen more dogs and people with pink hair INSIDE THE AIRPORT, than I had the entire time I was in Amsterdam.

I also saw this.


A lady with a stick between her legs with a baby shoe glued on the end of it. 

Dunno why, but why, not?


Mary Englebreit for Quilting Treasures.
Of COURSE I did.
Tea Time Tuesday
Should I or shouldn't I?
It is called TEA TIME.
Of COURSE, I had to buy it. Also, Mary Englebreit.

Yes. Got a half yard of this, too.



Look for beauty and carry the recognition of it with you all day.


I think I showed this pattern, Garden Tea Party by Bear Creek, once before. I have begun collecting fabrics to use to make something vaguely like it. I will use the idea as a jumping off point to do my own thing, somewhat.

I like the teapots but I have a different idea for the tea cups and the flowers. 

Who knew I liked pink? I am surprised.


Make a list, complete some tasks, cross things off, be glad for flowers planted the year before.


Sally, I am back. Pineapple pictures to follow this week.