12.30.15--wk 11

This turned out not to be a threat.


Unfortunately, it was not a promise, either.

I saved every catalog I received for one month. 

Most Christmases, I savor each catalog, folding  down page corners, circling this or that, not really ordering anything, just enjoying the shopping experience.  This year, I looked at very few. 
I hope this counts as DeJunkifying. Here are 15 pounds of catalogs, received in one month. Somedays, I received two catalogs--with different covers--from the same company.

They are going out the door today and right to the Transfer Station.

*15 pounds worth!


Last year was a really rough winter for me, but loved ones came and swept (Then)HomeSon and me away from the house to a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Asheville. We toured the Biltmore Mansion in all its Christmas glory, approaching the house just as the sun was setting.  We spent several days away from everything sad and awful and I decided I would make travel my new Christmas tradition.

This year, I traveled to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Friends took me to see the new Star Wars Movie, and I have it on good authority that both AwaySon and FartherAwaySon saw it in the same 24 hour period as I did, so it is like we all saw it together.

I have had a lot of invitations to spend the holidays here and there and I consider myself rich in friends and family.

12.23.15-wk 10

Dejunkification Week 10
Not really. Lost my picture in the great Computer Disaster of October 2015.
One box of books--mostly travel and humanities plus a dictionary.
Went to the Blairsville Branch Library of the Mountain Regional Library System. 48.8 pounds

12.16.15-wk 9

Dejunkification Week 9

Books and magazines on vintage knitting and making dollhouses and dollhouse accessories.
Going to the Blue Ridge Branch of the GA Pines Library System.
8.2 pounds

12.09.15-wk 8

Dejunkification Week 8
Miscellaneous Thises and Thatses headed to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Blue Ridge.

8.2 pounds

12.2.15-wk 7

Dejunkification Week 7
Dog Beds, made from scraps of scraps, headed to the Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store for resale in their shop.
5.6 pounds