7.17.14--What is Different Today

Working on a  Wool Penny Rug for Applique Class. I have made a few decisions that are difficult to change so I will continue forward.
Edges To Be Bound With Hand-Buttonhole Stitch

I adhered the base to the back and found I really didn't like the way mine turned out. Besides, I should have attached the "pennies" before doing the glue/fusible step. 

Some inventions in needle work have been great--needle threaders and rotary cutters come to mind. I just do not feel that way about fusible matrices. I think our great-great-grannies did just fine using needle turn applique.
  Should Have Attached the "Pennies"
 Before The Backing

I put facings on my pennies because they were not all made of felted wool. Some were merely "fulled" and just a little stringy. I have finally come to the hand work, and I am very happy about that. I will use a buttonhole stitch around the edge of the mat and the pennies, after careful pressing. I will probably remove the middle pennies in these stacks and use them somewhere else. 
So, for now, I DID try something new, but I did not carry through with it. Maybe I did not give it enough of a chance.

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