Oops. Coffee habit is easy to start up. Drank REAL coffee two days in a row. That is a really easy pattern to slip into here in coffee world. To be fair, I was fairly productive those two days and reduced my filled boxes by 25-30. I also used a new ap called NextDoor and offered up all kinds of boxes and packing materials. Within a half hour I had a response and within an hour, they were cleared out. I placed the ad on Craigslist, too, and had a call right as the first recycler left. Not to worry, I told him. More where those came from, and there were. Second load out the door last night! 

I had help arranging furniture last night and the promise of TV and picture hanging today. Two more boxes will leave today, since they are filled with stuff I borrowed and am now returning. Plenty of work yet to be done, so let me gulp down the last of this Rainbow Mate' and get going!


Today is the day! At least, that's what my Mayflower contact in Georgia said...

There sure are going to be a lot of boxes and packing material available to someone who reads my craigslist ad. NearbySon said he would be over on Saturday to help out. I promised to feed him. Think maybe we'll go out!

Not until Saturday. It has only been two weeks, but I kind of miss my bed. Still, I'm here and I love it!


Oh, no. You KNOW chocolate is not my fav. But I DO like THIS ONE!


Boxes and furniture should arrive Friday! Until then, I am eating from the frozen food departments of Trader Joes, New Seasons, Whole Foods, all the places I couldn't go until this week. 
I don't generally eat frozen dinners but there are some amazing Indian entrees for some pretty good prices. 

Last night was Lamb Saag.
I am pretty sure I could eat Indian food 7 days a week and never tire of it. The only trouble I have is getting used to white rice, which even though it is BASMATI, I just don't care for it. 

My bro-in-law and sis-in-law gave me a big package of brown basmati once, and I used it up pretty quickly. I seem to be in the land of weird food opportunities, so I will see what the grocery stores offer when I get unpacked. Who knows, maybe I will learn to cook Indian food! I haven't checked to see what the Halal offerings are, but I bet I can get whatever I fancy.



Tried a new Tulsi. I was looking for just ginger tea, but this was all I found last night. I like Tulsi teas very much, but this has little in the way of flavor. Oh, well. Didn't stop me from having two cups today.


So. I made it to Oregon, thanks to the help of the Godfrey, Wooten, Knight, Ray and Collar families. There just are not enough thanks for them, so I shall spend the rest of my life thinking of them whenever I have a chance to help someone else out along the way.

Thanks to all of my friends and family--ALLL of them--for keeping the big secret from FartherAwaySon. He was bemused to meet me at one of our favorite taco spots when he saw me holding his dog. When he hugged me and I told him I was in Oregon for good, well, let's just say things got even better after that. From now on, I have AwaySon (Chicago) and NearbySon (40 min at peak traffic) And now you know why I wrote so little lately. I was certainly dejunkifying in earnest. I had a huge estate sale and made exactly enough to pay the property tax on the the new place. Easy come, easy go. I surely did not see that coming. I was positive I would be able to buy a new frig and maybe a new washer/dryer.
My furniture and clothes are only 10 days behind me. I bought a rain jacket and waterproof shoes today, and more food that I can heat up in my new frying pan. I can fix anything as long as it is one at a time! I fry up water for tea several times a day. 

Luckily, my parents moved into Senior Living just up the road, so I get a shower every other day or so. I have THREE shower curtains on that moving truck and I am too cheap to buy a fourth. My "new" tub doesn't have a stopper, so I get bird baths on the days I don't go to visit Mom and Dad. 
Not a single room other than the kitchen and bath have overhead lights and all I brought are my flashlights and one lantern. My wonderful brother and sister (in-law) set me up with sheets, air mattress, towels, logs for the fireplace, and a PUMPKIN, so it is exactly like camping except without any of the gross parts.

It is rainy and cold and I love it. 


Yes, I know it has been some time since I last posted. I have been very busy with my dejunkification. In a couple weeks, I will be much more regular with my posting.
I can't even begin to estimate how many pounds of "stuff" has gone to thrift stores--exclusively to the two Humane Society Thrift Stores in my area.
BUT--to date: 860 pounds of "stuff" to the dump. I feel lighter.