After last weeks Sweet Tea Pie, here is another sweet treat. 

We have a Keurig at work and I sampled one of these and was instantly hooked. Then Safeway had them for half price and I am a happy employee. 

When I run out, I don't know what I'm going to do! I hate to pay full-price for anything.


In February, I posted some resolutions. It has been about six weeks, so here is an update of my progress.

1. 5,000 steps a day for one week, then bump up again until 10,000 is normal (Normal for me is 245)
Most days, level 8. 
Since starting work, this has been ridiculously difficult. Most days I get about 4,000+ and at the end of the day my feet are so swollen and painful, it is difficult to walk. I spend the rest of the evening in my recliner, hoping I don't have to get up to pee. It takes the better part of my first day off before I can walk around without too much pain and by the second day, I am usually able to run errands. I have great shoes and the week before last I was fitted for custom orthotics, so I am well on my way to solving this problem. 

2. Follow my 16 hour fast a day plan
This has been easy to follow, but I have slacked off the last week. I even did one 24 hour fast, but I was so energized, I did not even sleep at all that night after coming off the fast.
At first, I dropped some pounds, but I must be building muscle. My pants and jeans slide off without being unfastened and I have bought a second, smaller belt to hold them up. Still not a swimsuit model, but that ship has sailed.

3. Find live local theater and attend
I haven't even started looking. I will jump right on that after typing up this post.

4. Unpack those two rooms of boxes by March
I did the guest room before March 1, but as you know from yesterday's post, the sewing room is in sad shape. I am not sure if it can be done before March 31, but I am going to try. The first thing that has to happen, is the wire closet shelves have to come out. When I get to that, I will take pictures so you can see what I mean.



UGH! I forgot to tell you yesterday's pie picture was linked to its recipe for SWEET TEA PIE! Whoever heard of such a thing!

Rains continue for us. I have learned to drive the interstates at respectable speeds. 

Actually, what they call rain here is not what experienced Floridians think of when someone says, "I am tired of all the rain."  Still, even with the little drip-drips, we are often under flood watch.
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Seriously, the rain we get here would not cause a Floridian to scurry about looking for a raincoat (what IS that?). Instead, we would risk getting our hair and clothes a little dampened, and luxuriate in the cooling breeze of the air conditioning of our destination. I asked around and some Oregonians told me there can be heavy rains. Not that I WANT to experience that. The ground is so marshy, I almost lost the dog this morning. 

Also, it hails here. Not the size of baseballs like I saw one day in Georgia, or golf balls, frequent in Florida, but itty-bitty cute little things. 

Sunday was a busy day, so not much pre-post blog writing got done. This is my day off and I am relaxing before the beginning of tasks and errands. 

I would like to sew/quilt, but I still can't get into the sewing room, it is so disorganized. 

My resolution update will post tomorrow.



Click HERE to see this picture right on the
Taste of the South site and find the recipe
I am feeling a little nostalgic for a Georgia Spring. 

Ironic, because WE are having spring and THEY are having snow. 

Here is a little Tea Time and Southern Cooking and PI(E) celebration for 3.14

I haven't made this, but since it is from Taste of the South Magazine, I'm sure it has southern charm. I'm going to go explore their site and see if there is anything low in saturated fats, and low in white sugar...wish me luck.



I love Jon Stewart


It's Sunday, day of rest for many people. While you are reading this, I am cleaning house and doing laundry because I don't have to go into work until a little after 11:00. 

I am also writing blog posts for the following week. When Sunday gets busy, you see fewer posts during the week following.

I'm still enjoying my work and more memorable customers. Some make several visits to perfect their creation. The man who needed a particular type of material for inside his puppets, the women who made bird costumes for a local charity event (They said they would come in wearing them and I will take photos, if they let me, and post them here with permission), the couple who make coats for dog show dogs to protect the coats they grow themselves, a roller dancer in search of coordinating material for himself and his partner, a 13-year old competitive skater looking for masculine styled swim fabric for practice shirts, a MULTITUDE of designers, some with their own shops, some working for films and TV shows, costumers for opera, ballet, and theater, mothers of the bride, brides and bridesmaids, and it goes on and on. Each is fascinating. I learn something new every day.


This poor sad example. The BOSS said PINK and I didn't know if I was permitted to take the fur vest off of Tiny Tina. 

She is right next to the table where the small hides and pieces of suede are displayed and wears a vest of fur to showcase their availability. 

I slipped a rose pink piece of polyester through her sleeves and pinned a deeper rose and metallic gold knit around her, making some flounces. In real life, the colors WORKED. In photographic light, not so much. It was fun, though.

After I took this shot, I pinned her vest so she had a waist and fixed up her sleeves a bit. Too bad the metallic gold gives the overall appearance of a rusty red. They were PERFECT together. Trust me, I'm not a politician.


Here's another one of my drapings--PINK is the theme!
I tied the rayon into a knot at the back of the neck and then fanned it out to make a rose.  Looks like summer, doesn't it?


I am still enjoying my job and I have picked up a few hours. I think I am just this side of full-time. My feet and back are still bothering me but I may get used to it soon.

I got to dress more mannequins. The skirt on this one is one I had in my mind since the first day of work. 

I was looking at the fabric and my trainer said, "If you want to drape a mannequin, go ahead!" It took me a few weeks to feel comfortable doing that and I still wasn't ready to do this skirt. 

I had mentioned my idea for the skirt to a co-worker and she looked at me funny and said, "You might want to try Pinterest and see what's in style." Understandably, I let that idea go back to the mental file cabinet.

But then the BOSS said she wanted PINK featured. I told my supervisor I was thinking about the pink theme and she handed me a scrap of pink eyelet and I was on my way! The challenge I impose on myself is to NOT cut the fabric. We are allowed to cut off a salable, useable amount, like 1.5 yards to 2 or so. So far, I have managed not to cut.

The BOSS wants a ball gown out of some funky pink and white striped fabric. I don't have any experience with a ballgown, but one of my co-workers is an expert and designs ball gowns professionally, specializing in the Disney Princesses. Pretty good for only 24 years of age, right? She was away at a Cos-Play event in the Emerald City but says she can help me out when she comes back. I just want to stand back and watch her drape that mannequin into a princess.


I was snowed on last week. Only a few flakes, but most of us in my area are tired of snow. 

I took a picture of these begonias outside my bank a few weeks back to remind me that spring IS on the way.

I will have a couple of planters on the deck and on the walkway to the garage to manage pretty soon. I am beginning to think about what to put in. Lavender and Rosemary are high on the list. Probably don't have to worry about watering whatever I put out there.



How long to steep my tea? This chart from SELF MAGAZINE explains it all. My favorites take 5-7 minutes? I can barely wait for ONE!



I will not take on the problems of others as my own. I do not have to find solutions for others.