The last trip to the dump: 200 pounds. Fabric has had a minor overhaul, but my assistant was NOT QuiltyFriend this time, so it did not get the careful scrutiny of a fellow quilter. 
Instead, AwaySon was my driving force, so more culling may be called for later. His help in the basement and moving boxes between floors is so much appreciated.

Now, this week, I am helping my parents do the same thing. AwaySon has set such a good example, I am having some success with the GreatestGeneration.


It has been a month since I visited the blog. In that time, I have been working on dejunkifying which is a project begun many many months ago. AwaySon came to visit from Chicago and has been instrumental in getting the basement under control. 
In our first trip to the transfer station, we unloaded 300 pounds of unsale-ables and 100 pounds of paper. As soon as we came home, I was looking around to load up and do it again! It is very freeing.

There will be a mammoth ESTATE SALE coming up around October 20. Let me know if you are interested in tools, camping, antiques, fabric, yarn, handmade dolls, American Girl doll and accessories, household sundries, small power tools.