7.25.14--I Finished Something!

Today, I WILL find my Strata Star fabrics and cut my strips. DONE!!!
Today, I WILL cut more blocks for FOWL PLAY, the quilt for my Audrey Class. Today I WILL do the machine work for 
1. Small fall colors wall piece (which you have not seen because it is a gift) DONE!!! SEE BELOW!!!!
2. Martha's topper 
3. that quilt for a friend BINDING ON AND  DONE!!!

Even though I did not yet bind all on the list or do all the machine work I talked about yesterday, I DID finish a project that has been ongoing for two years. I will give you a sneak preview right now, and then get back to binding.
Bound, Sleeve On, Label On.

Too bad. All I feel like doing right now is applique.

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