7.11.14--Perfectly Lovely

It Shows Promise
With cuttings from QuiltyFriend's Hydrangea, we were able to keep THREE alive over the winter. It was a rough one.We had other cuttings that never really "caught" and the winter was just too much. In their places across the front, we have transplanted the Hearty Trio and added a fourth.

Look What We Have In Front of the House!

This is our first blossom of the season. The other hydrangeas do not look ready to produce, but we have plenty of summer left. 

I Have Never Seen Anything Like It

The Glads continue to gladden my heart. When I showed you the red one the other day, did you think it would have as much yellow as this? It looks like a yellow glad with a red skirt! 
It's So Purply

It looks like there will be two more reds--solid or variegated, I do not yet know--and three purple! I do like the purple.

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