7.16.14--Still Trying Something Different

The Pinjur was good. A little spicy, but good. 

Since I wrote for Monday's post, I have been very conscious of trying to do things differently.

Monday, I wore two mismatched earrings. On purpose. If you know me, you know it is odd that I remembered to wear earrings at all. You might also have said to yourself, "What's the big deal? Mismatched earrings? She has done that before." Well. I put the heavier one in my LEFT ear instead of the right, so there.

That afternoon, I found a piece of fabric that is SO FAR REMOVED from anything I would consciously reach for that I am going to consider it a personal challenge. A move to be different, try different things, think outside my personal "box".
If Only There Weren't Those
Big Ugly Blue and Pink Things
What do you think? I am not really one for crowds of flowers and certainly not in these colors. My inclination was to look for something with PINK and flowers, since that is anti-Purl Buttons. This should just about do it. I mean, look at it. Pink, blue, green, yellow--it is so GIRLY.
Marcus Fabric. Sorry, Hate Metallic,
but LOVE Purple and Pansies

Let me tell you, this little shop has EVERY kind of flower fabric you can imagine, including about 20 bolts of pansy fabric in varying colors with either gold OR silver metallic all over. Although I detest metallic on cotton so that might have been a good way to go to launch myself out of the box, pansies would be too easy since they are among my favorite flowers.
Marcus--This is Actually Tolerable--
Dare I Say I LIKE the PINK With the Purple?

So there I was, in the little shop, trying to remember that I came in to buy Aurifil thread, and my teacher, Audrey Hiers, suggested the black fabric with the pink and blue roses. It has a WONDERFUL hand. It is a Robert Kaufman and you can hear that it is whispering secrets (just like silk can, sometimes, if you have exactly the right color). 
The prevalence of the blue and pink roses are JUST SAVED from being completely repulsive by the little asters and daffodils. BLACK BACKGROUND? Are you kidding me, Robert Kaufman? Can't you see this wants NAVY BLUE? PERFECT(ly horrible), I'll take a half yard!

I have my work cut out for me: that is, I have to decide how to cut out my work. 

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Jo Porter said...

I have to ask you where you managed to get the Marcus Brothers Pansy fabric from. I have been looking all over for it!