7.2.14--Still Compelled, somewhat

The layout, so far.  The centers for the half-plates are temporarily basted to the project. I tend to lose small parts. 

Maybe you would like to see how English Paper Piecing (EPP) can work for Dresden Plate. 

Using my cheapest thread, I basted the fabric around the form.  I don't like to sew through the card stock. I use paper clips or those wonderful Clover Binding clips--the small red ones in this case. I started with three tiny stitches to anchor (knots slow me down) at the edge of one of the curves. I did a running stitch across the arc, then pulled to gather the fabric around. Then, I crossed back and forth, snugging up the fabric down the length.  I finished up with three more tiny anchor stitches. 

I lightly spray starched the backs, and pressed them because I remove the card stock before they are applique'd to the gray fabric and I did not want the curves to lose their definition.

When it came time to sew the "petals" together, I used a neutral thread--a good strong one--and faced them to each other. I take tiny, tight, overcast stitches sewing from the widest part to the base of the petal. When the whole form was sewn, then I removed the card stock, basted the plate in place and began the applique' process. I usually use silk thread or Aurifil in a neutral color if my pieces have a lot of color change.

It doesn't take very long. I had all the "petals" prepped and the plate and two halves ready to be basted to the gray fabric in an afternoon. 

This I also wrote before my month off. I am thinking about finishing it up before moving on to the next thing. It is hard to get back the momentum.

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