This is my favorite kind of morning. Cool, foggy, and full of secrets. 

Scientifically, I know that the density of the fog makes the birdsong muffled, but I like the idea that the morning has secrets for me to discover.

Splendid Sampler block #45 is called Sewing Nut and is designed by Frances Newcombe
It's that cutesy style like the embroidery of block #44, kind of a child-like Japanese style. I admire the design talent, but it is not my favorite to execute. 

Something that takes this long to complete should be more pleasing to my personal aesthetic. You can see I exchanged the applique tree and leaves in favor of a quick outline stitch. 

Anyway, I am taking pleasure in completing each block and learning new techniques.


Finished my PULSE quilt top. It will be sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild along with another quilt that was made by members of my modern guild, Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild. 

I will show you that quilt when I get a picture of it in August, when it comes back from the quilter.

Splendid Block #43 is by Pat Sloan and is called Pincushion Love. It is entirely appropriate that the pins are bent, just like my real pins.
You can barely tell, but the background is a very dark blue with red tattersall weave.

Splendid Block # 44 is called Stitch in the Garden by Gail Pan. I am amazed at how little I care to do embroidery of this style. I thought I really liked it. I guess appreciating someone's work and enjoying duplicating it do not necessarily follow.
Last week's Temecula Circa 2016, July 9 is a Friendship Star block.

Here is this week's: Yankee Puzzle

Second Saturday for July (Amish With a Twist from Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop)

I got a little behind with my June Gypsy block from Quilt Shop on Main, but here it is. July will be late, as well!


Mystery solved! HusbandofQuiltyFriend, half of a gardening duo, identified my plant as a Paulownia Tree. 

It goes by several names, such as Princess Tree or Empress Tree. 

It is cousin to the Snapdragon and Butterfly Bush.

Since mine is growing under the overhang of my roof, it must be transplanted and soon.

Someone's full-grown Paulownia

It will grow to be 20 feet or more. 

Ironically, it dislikes clay and rocky soil. 

I have a feeling transplanting it is going to cause it some distress since clay and rocky soil is what I grow best in my yard.

Blossoms up close

Blossoms that Marcelo Garcia liked
Did another Splendid Block. This is #42, Pencils by Jane Davidson. I enjoyed making it.


My gladioli are blooming one at a time. Since they are not making a big show in the garden, I am cutting them and enjoying them in the house, stalk by stalk. I like this photo. It reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Splendid Sampler Block #40, designed by Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson, is called Flights of Friendship.

Splendid Sampler Block # 41, Sew South, designed by Jennifer Mathis.

Temecula circa 2016, July 1 block, is called Shoofly.

This is the most recent block sewn, I was concentrating better and enjoyed this one.

 Amish with a Twist. I assure you there are WAAAAAAY more seams that were sewn than it looks. My concentration was off, and so was my sewing.

Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild Block of the month: Applique'. Mine is 5.5" by 9.5", half sized. My concentration has been wandering. I need to get some good streaming shows that take up most of my mind so my applique' is more even in temperament.



Patience (again)