Look what I discovered! Now I will have hours of enjoyment choosing teapots. I still have a genuine for-real British Brown Betty on my Christmas/Birthday list but these will be fun for making cosies. http://www.englishteastore.com/smrote16oz.html


Short post today. Take a look at THIS article. The pictures are stunning.


The knitted sample is Berocco Peruvia. I am planning a cardigan to be knit on the bias. To break up the solid color a little, every 10 rows or so I thought I would knit a row of Green Mountain Spinnery mohair. It is the darker ball, color claret. It has great little orange flecks in it that give it a little life.

Even so, it seemed a little flat so I looked through my fiber collection and came up with two balls of Targhee from Susan's Spinning bunny in the Chocolate Covered Cherries colorway. I do not think Susan sells targhee anymore. It is spongey and not that good for socks, a friend told me, but I love it plied with the Green Mountain. I am still working out how to set up the sweater and waiting for some more size 8 needles in the mail.