Pantone Color of the Year for Spring 2015 is MARSALA
Lifted right off the Pantone site

Every year, Pantone predicts which color designers and consumers will be buying over the next year. They describe this year's color as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red."

It is named for a fortified Sicilian wine, and Pantone hopes it will embody the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal...emanating a sophisticated, natural earthiness. 

They claim it is universally appealing, but press has shown that is not really the case. Marsala has had some unfavorable comparisons in the design trade. (Go HERE to read what Kristin Hohenadel has to say.)
Lisa, wisely, does not wear the color next
to her skin for she knows it is not a good one for her.
Lisa Eiseman from Pantone notes that the color "combines dramatically with neutrals, including warmer taupes and grays. Because of its burnished undertones, sultry Marsala is highly compatible with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, and blues in the more vibrant range."
Silks waiting to become saris in India

I don't know if I would call it sultry. In fact, I think some publicist or assistant got the name WRONG, looked it up, and concluded it was a fortified wine. I think they originally meant MASALA, which is Arabic for seasoning, and is favored in food from the Indian sub-continent. Surely SULTRY is a great descriptor for for THAT.
Powders awaiting the Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors

Pantone has some "color pairings" (more WINE imagery), but just like last year, I see a LOT of Walmart blue and pink. Just yuck.

Stylecaster.com shows the top 10. Here are my 4 top Walmart color picks. There is a pink (predictably), but I am saving that.

Here are Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, and Classic Blue. If you ever go to Walmart to buy women's T-shirts, you will see some familiar colors. First of all, just because it is called AQUAMARINE, doesn't mean it has any relationship to aqua, or marine blue. In fact, it is really just plain old baby blue. I put a little square of Marsala in the corner. They do not do much for each other. 

Nor does SCUBA  do much besides remind me of my favorite turquoise shirt which I have to keep buying over and over because I don't wear a bib when I eat. (I complain about the typical Walmart blues and pinks but turquoise ALWAYS gets an exemption from me, no matter the origin.)

LUCITE ? No. Lucite evokes CLEAR and TRANSLUSCENT. This rendition is too muddy. Marsala doesn't like it, and neither do I. 

CLASSIC didn't have much of a chance. I think it would be luscious as a small accent color with the Marsala, but I have the proportion wrong to show it to its best advantage.

STRAWBERRY ICE--as pinks go, I have seen worse. It is kind of retro with the Marsala. I will have to think about that. Somehow, the two colors which should have been warm together are a little bit cold. 

Yes. I do like TANGERINE. The balance is wrong, though. Marsala would make a good accent on Tangerine, or the other way around. In equal proportions--too intense. I don't know where to look to rest my eye.

GLACIER is just another blue. To give it its due, it does look like a good contrast. I think many of the grays would do well with Marsala but I would take care with the greener grays.

Oh. Unfortunate. CUSTARD has a lot of potential but I am thinking this yellow needs a little brightening with Saffron, maybe.
MUCH, much better, don't you think? 
FSU fans say YES.

Saffron in the wild will bear me out on this.
Harvested Saffron...........................Saffron in flower

Check the three colors Mother Nature put with Marsala: lavender, emerald, and saffron. Look at her proportions, too. She gets it right most of the time. 


So. My friends know I like tea.

Look what I have! Gifts from LLB (Lovely L. B., a quilty friend from BOTH guilds) She loves tea and shared some with me.
She also made me this pretty Mug Rug. In real life, it sparkles from the variegated thread she used. It quite looks like a magic carpet! LLB is another reason to wake up and decide to be in a good mood.


I don't know how YOU do it, but that just about sums it up for me. 

Here is pretty much how it goes from the moment I awake.

1. This bed really is comfortable and I have lovely quilts on it it.
2. I smell coffee! I remembered to set the auto-brew! 
3. These socks make my feet feel great!
4. I have places to go today!
(alternate #4) I don't have to go anywhere today!

Life is so enjoyable when you remember to notice the enjoyable moments.


I said last week that I was COOKING my party contributions this year and only buying party contributions to ONE party.

But when it came right down to it, I was unsure of my abilites/attention span/interest, so I bought one of my favorites for Friendship Group, which met Wednesday. I chose Vanilla, of course, because chocolate is wasted on my tongue unless it is LINDT or a truffle or a container for the middle of a Heath Bar.

These also come in Hazelnut, but Hazelnut is just another sneaky trick the chocolate people put over on the rest of the world to get another flavor choice that is really just chocolate.



FINALLY! I made something out of food that wasn't a disaster. I made Mini Cheese Ball Bites from a recipe I found through Pinterest Go HERE for the Foodgio link. 
HERS are here on the left............................THESE ARE MINE RIGHT HERE!  I DID IT! I DID IT!
They even taste pretty good. The recipe says to make spheres that are about one Tablespoon. I made mine a half Tablespoon but would go smaller next time, maybe a teaspoon.

12.10.14--Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special)

This is a good day for another Simon's Cat video. I subscribe and got this one in an email earlier this week. After you watch it, go to youtube.com and see some of his other funny videos.


I think today might be a good day for Russian Caravan tea or maybe some Constant Comment.




Just this week I mailed off a gift for exchange with a member of a group I belong to, SmallQuiltTalk, sponsored by Kathleen Tracy, who blogs at SentimentalQuilter. I know I have mentioned that before. 

Yesterday, I prepared a fabric gift for exchange at one of my guilds, Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild. I am almost in the quilty spirit, but I continue to reach for the knitting needles when I am not reading or playing around on the computer. 

Next week is the Christmas luncheon at Misty Mountain Quilt Guild, then the next day a luncheon for Friendship Group. The day after that, one more foody-hobby related get-together for the Fiber Enthusiasts group at the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association. 
Lindt Truffles--a favorite "finger-food" of mine

You know I am not much on cooking but you will be pleased to know I have only resorted to ONE pre-packaged "finger food" for these four food-centric deals. 
Lindt Truffles in a quilt block shape.
Maybe I am ready to start thinking quilting...

12.4.14Sticky Tape - Simon's Cat

Seems like the right video to share after yesterday's post. I have not had a cat in about 35 years, but Simon Tofield's videos bring back some fond memories. He knows cats. Do not forget to turn the volume up. There is not much dialog, but the few lines there are are well-placed.


Got a new tree this year. Could not bear to put up the giant one. This one claims to be four feet tall.
I was hoping for smaller, but it comes all ready to go. We have had it in its box in the living room since Sunday. Maybe we will just look at the picture on the box and call it good.


Some of you have heard me rhapsodize about GENMAI CHA. I have even asked the store manager at my local grocery to carry the CHOICE ORGANIC brand, but I have not heard back yet. 

It is the only green tea I like due to several possible factors:

Anyway, if you are still with me, watch this video by The TeaSmith to find out more.



11.28.14--Trader Joe's

Look what I have! Soup from  QuiltyAppliqueFriendSB, who was shopping and thinking about my fondness for Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup! I am very grateful.

I have never been to Trader Joe's, but I have been making a shopping list for the next time I find myself in Roswell, Peachtree City, Marietta, or Chattanooga.

I reviewed a couple of sites that claim they know the best and worst buys for Joe's, but I did not find much that would make it onto my list other than the great soups. Most of the gushing compliments centered around cookies and cheesecakes.

If I drove the two hours to get to one, I would have to remember to have a cooler to bring home some frozen offerings like Tandoori Shrimp or Chile Lime Chicken Burgers. 

I would probably not buy sweet/snacky things, because, generally, I just don't, except I have heard wonderful things about their ginger snaps. Unfortunately, I also read they are chewy. What is snappy about chewy? They seem to have a good reputation for nuts and dried fruit, so I might browse the trail food department. 

Maybe I would have to bring TWO coolers. I can not get enough Indian food and I miss the occasional South East Asian food that the Mills and Colonial area of Orlando has in great abundance.

I never thought I would miss FOOD, but I guess I do.

11.27.14--Happy Friends and Family Sharing Day

I found this on a Tea Blog I just LOVE to read everyday: Tea With Friends.
Wikipedia says, 

"Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle (1865-1934) was an American 
illustrator and commercial artist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

11.26.14--A Lazy Day

Last Sunday, I spent an entire day in my nightwear. I can't remember if I have done that at all in the past few years. Maybe once a winter? I am not sure. It was WONDERFUL. I had a bag of novels loaned to me by OTHER QUILTY FRIEND (The Tallahassee Lassee). 
The weather was PERFECT for an all-day-read-a-thon. It was windy and rainy and beautiful. All the shades of gray you could possibly want to see. When the rain stilled and the wind let up, the bare branch tips held little globes of water. 

So, I spent a HUGE chunk of Sunday warm and toasty under the blankets. I even had a cup of hot cocoa at the end of the evening.

Now, THAT is the way to spend a rainy day.



Next time I visit Florida, I will visit my favorite stores around Mills and Colonial. I want to get a gaiwan for enjoying my loose tea. I had never heard of gaiwan until I had tea at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon
Read about gaiwan at TeaNerd
If I lived in the Portland area, I would join the museum and try to visit at least once a month. Yes, I enjoyed the Japanese Garden very much. I would join that one, also. They offer reciprocal membership benefits.
Tea House at the Garden of Awakening Orchids

But, The Lan Su Chinese Garden is a completely different experience, and I cherish the memory.



11-21-14--MORE WOW

photo from Dinner With Julie
Dinner With Julie. I might actually make these.
These are parmesan, panko and two other ingredients. They are baked and not fried. Go visit and see what you think. I think WOW.

I might make this Sweet Potato Avocado Soup from the LunchBoxBunch. I think bacon would be a great garnish, but I do not have any.

The photo is by Kathy Patalsky, but stupid blogspot won't let me caption it correctly. At least you can see her copyright at the bottom left.

GimmeSomeOven's photo makes my mouth water

GimmeSomeOven has this five ingredient white chicken chili. I hope I was successful in begging for this for Wednesday's dinner.


Not just for guacamole anymore.
Photo: Jeanine / Love and Lemons
My SouthFloridaFamily sent 12 avocados from their avocado ranch. No, they don't really have a ranch, but in the very few spare moments they have on a very tiny piece of growing space, they have managed to grow a farmload of produce. I received 12 of these on Monday, and promptly ate the last one out of the box almost before it was unwrapped. Did you know avocado can replace butter in baking recipes? These are very mild and I can imagine they would be great in one of these.  The links will take you to the recipes.
photo from DETOXINISTA--chocolate avocado truffles
Of all the chocolate in the world (remember, I am not really much of a chocolate fan), truffles are my favorite. Detoxinista features healthy for you recipes. Go visit her site and find out how to use avocado in place of the heavy cream in truffles. These look very easy to make.

HowSweetEats is a FUNNY, FUNNY person. This is her
photo from her site. I am going to become a regular reader.

HowSweetEats made avocado BROWNIES! If I enjoyed cooking in any way at all, I would definitely make these for family and friends because everyone I know adores chocolate. 

Photo and recipe from EndlessSimmer
If only I could remember this for summer...Avo-Rita from EndlessSimmer. I can imagine that avocado and tequila make the perfect margarita for an evening of salsa and chips with friends. But right now, looking at this drink is making me want to find my sweater to put on over my two shirts. Come back tomorrow and see what else I would cook up if I liked cooking.


Most people know not to call my cell phone, EVER. I simply do not get a signal. I switched from Verizon--where I COULD get a signal and could usually rely on texting, at least. Now I use Consumer Cellular which uses an AT and T signal, so I can not even get my voice mail when I go into town unless it feels like revealing that I actually HAVE a voicemail. But it IS $130 less a month. 

Still, I realize cell phones are an American habit. Every meeting I go to, within five minutes of the speaker asking that phones be turned off or set to vibrate, someone's phone goes off. Usually, the more annoying the ring tone, the more likely the phone owner thinks she is the only one in the room and the rest of us are just part of the video she is watching. I have even been in meetings--WITH A GUEST LECTURER-- where the "lady" answered the phone and had a conversation with the person on the other end as if the rest of us were not even there. Well, she probably does not read my blog so she will miss this great video. But you are here, so enjoy! 

Then look at the video below that if you could not see my "pet" turkey video on FaceBook Monday.



It can be seen HERE , in Italy

I could do this. They are mounted to a board, which is painted the same color as the wall. I don't have a wall in my kitchen or dinning room, but I could put it in the bedroom...no kitchen utensils, though. Maybe scarves.



Haha! Every day is Saturday, but I do enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning.

I found it on Pinterest. 


I am still searching for the perfect mug. Tomato soup in a mug sounds just right, doesn't it?
Too bad this one by Morales Pottery in Miami is reserved.

Then there is this one by Barbara Robertson Pottery in Virginia.

I was concerned that it might not be big enough on the inside, but her listing says it holds roughly 13 oz. That makes it just about perfect, doesn't it?
I am enjoying the hunt from behind my laptop since if there ARE any art shows in the area, it is too cold to venture out. Our temperatures are in the low to mid 20s and it is quite possible that the debris in the roof gutters will be blown away before I decide who to hire to take care of it for me.
I like window shopping. Wallet is in stasis,  none of the artisans will be disappointed when I move on to the next booth, and it is very unlikely that I will break anything.


We are having some real, comfort food weather at our house. 

Whole grain only, please

For the longest time, as long as I can remember, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches have been at the top of my list for generating a sense of well-being.  Now that I am "mature" in experience (years), I find I do not care for "American Cheese Food Products", but cheddar, Muenster, or smoky Provolone will do the trick quite nicely.

Campbell's canned soup is a good choice in a pinch, but I really prefer Pacific's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. Since Pacific Soups are hard to find in the area, and the Roasted Red Pepper is the rarest, once again I will be making my own. And even though you know I do NOT like to cook, I  DO like to eat.


Having tea this afternoon. Fixed it for myself.

The Republic of Tea's Good Hope Vanilla. Thanks, Mom and Dad!