You can get these HERE.
And who would not want to? They remind me of Beaker from the Muppets. And Beaker reminds me how the Muppets are supporting some recent legislation in the news in Boston. Insert smiley face here.


I can choose happiness whenever I wish no matter what my circumstances

I chose that saying because the week before last had me stalled. Not much was accomplished. I tried last week to cross things off my list and I finally feel the creative spark rekindling. I work this week to remember that I am responsible for how I feel in response to situations and the people in them. No one can make me feel small unless I let them.

Last week's mantra was I will make conscious effort each day to do something from "my list". I did pretty well and still managed to meet obligations that interrupted my "flow". 

One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE.


Remember the Arachno Shawl from yesterday? Here is where I got to by Thursday.
It does not look like good knitting because there are several times to knit through the back leg of the stitch which makes it look a little twisted. 
 It will all work out when I drop the correct stitches and let it ravel down. I could be knitting the transition rows before I get to the shoulder rows right now but when I take a computer break this is what I do. I read these.

 I have it in my mind that I need to teach myself to crochet. I thought I might start with some of these motifs. I remember Granny Squares from the 70s. I have a bajillion crochet hooks and plenty of yarn. I even thought I might take that second book, the one by Suzann Thompson, and do all the leaves in white and off white in very fine yarn to put on my crazy quilt. Seems like a good idea. Maybe I will.


I am at the Georgia Mountain Fair again today. I am missing the Green Bean Festival in town but it is no doubt too hot to walk around and look at other people's crafts.
Still knitting away and doing some quilting, too. At the Fair Wednesday, I worked on my Grandmother's Flower Garden miniature quilt. My hexagons are 3/4 of an inch and I will probably have 12 or so flowers. It is an entirely hand worked project and extremely portable. I worked on it last time we went to Florida and back. It travels well and is easy to do unless we are on the mountain roads. Then I can rely on "dummy" knitting--you know, round and round on size 8s.

That picture is a snippet of the Arachno Shawl by Jennifer Dassau. See a better photo of it at THIS BLOGGER'S SITE. I bought the pattern electronically and I have used some yarn that has tried several times to be socks but just does not want to cooperate. It should have been very nice socks. It is two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in a color that makes me think of summer ice cream on my grandmother's porch. 

Here is another blogger who made the Arachno Shawl. If you explore what she has on her site, you will see she may have a little bit of a shawl obsession...just sayin'...


I think these chefs are hilarious.  This is a fabric panel I won at the Retreat.  I have fabric similar to what borders each picture. I am not sure what the designer had in mind but they look like they would make cute kitchen curtains, decorative potholders, and aprons one would want to hang on a decorative hook on the wall.  The squares are pretty big, probably about eight inches (more or less, they are upstairs and I am down right now). I think one on each of two cafe' curtains would be kind of cute. I am tempted to make them for our kitchen but the window area in our kitchen is not suited for curtains.


One of our hummers. We have plenty this year, and, just as always, when the feeders are empty, they come to the window and look in as if asking for the feeders to be refilled. Part of me enjoys seeing them up close but at the same time, part of me thinks it is wrong to feed wild animals.

Oops. I had trouble with Blogger's date system. AGAIN. I must be doing something wrong when I schedule a post ahead of time. My success rate is about 50%. Anyway...

Today, I am at the Georgia Mountain Fair, in the Quilter's Cabin. Our Guild (Misty Mountain) has a quilting frame set up and we are working shifts demonstrating hand quilting. I have to take a project with me to work on since some of the visitors to the cabin like to sit down and do a little quilting. Plus, when we prepped the quilt for the frame, almost half of it is already finished! I do another shift on Saturday. Wonder if the quilt will be done by then.

Since this post came out on the 22nd and you already read it and saw my blocked scarf picture, there is nothing to do but show you another picture.
This is Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed in the birch colorway. It was almost an entire tee-shirt but got frogged. Now it is on its way to being the Bistro Shirt from Oat Couture. See the picture below?

I checked with Ravelry and made some changes. Then, when I was almost half asleep, I decided on some other changes that this shirt might need to fit me, well, to a T. I will probably put in some ribbing along the sides and do some short rows at the bust. We will see. 

Just noticed, this is my 500th post! If I was like all the bloggers I follow, I would host a contest and giveaway. There really is no point since I only have about 4 followers but 500 is still a mile stone. At least, I THINK this counts even if it showed up at the wrong time several times. I deleted the "wrong" ones and the count is 500!


Yup, Tea Time Tuesday.
Found it HERE. How do you suppose they fill it?


I will make conscious effort each day to do something from "my list".

I chose that Saturday night and acted on it Sunday, decided it would be a good one for the upcoming week. Check again NEXT Monday and see how I did.

Last week's mantra was I am willing to try new things courageously. I Well, I did NOTHING last week and that was a new thing for me. I just wasted most of my time, starting with four days in which I took four hour naps. Maybe that counts as something new for me. I finally came out of my stall and I will have to revisit last week's thought.

One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE.


This month's Free Motion Quilt Challenge,  run by SewCalGal, is tutorialed by Angela Walters. She is VERY VERY good. My piece, above, shows my first attempt at her Tiles Technique.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recognize that I will need to graph out my tiles and use my Frixion Pen and RULER to draw straight lines. 

Unfortunately, I got so excited about doing this I dove right in and did not bother to step back and see if my tile outlines were straight.  Angela shows examples of her tile work that include some interesting triangle tiles. Well, not really triangles, more jagged and irregular like a box of tiles was dealt like a hand of 52 Card Pick-Up.

Well, anyway, I have broken through my stasis and will probably return to regular blogging. I have a mantra all ready for Monday, a picture for Tea Time Tuesday, and maybe even something for Wednesday.  See you tomorrow.


I posted about the Quilts of Valor Foundation on Facebook and offered information to anyone who would like to help. No one contacted me but if anyone reading this would like to find out more, please click the above link.

Finished! Well, as far as tops go, it is.  I added the additional six blocks the first three days after the retreat and then on July 4th added two more borders. I added the last border and was able to show it at the July Pieceful Mountain Quilters meeting. By the time you are reading this, I hope to have completed the presentation case and cut binding strips. I will turn it in to the QOV group in hopes they will find an appropriate backing and get a long-armer to quilt it.


It should be filled with a delicate white tea.
Another teapot in my virtual collection. If you want one for your REAL collection, you might be able to buy one HERE.


I am willing to try new things courageously.

Last week's mantra was I love and respect myself as I am. I thought about that and reasoned that if I really DO love and respect myself, I should consider healthier lifestyle choices so I have been working on that, at least mentally!

One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE


Sweet, yes? The quilter chose a pale rose flecked green for the border.
The one above was made for a KING sized bed and required 72 blocks instead of the 24 most people attempted. Batiks--my favorite. Stupendous and bright--as requested by the husband of the quilter.
 Also batiks, this quilter made a beautiful harmony of greens and woodsy browns.
Wow. I did not even get my borders on until July 5 but this one is already for the long-arm! Lovely!


Here are some more of the jelly roll style of quilt made at the retreat. 

I won a jelly roll and maybe by Sunday I will show you what I did with mine. I am seeking a particular color to use as sashing. I will go on a search for it on Saturday.


Isn't this one pretty? It is one of the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star quilts we worked on at retreat. You know I love batik and blue and green are particular weaknesses of mine! I cannot believe this quilter found two batiks I do not have.

Here is another beauty. This was even more stunning in person. The repeated petal and repeated star of the fabrics she chose are just perfect. But that is not all she did. She also worked on a jelly roll quilt and even finished the top! See below? All batiks, all colorful, I love those fabrics!


Not everybody at the retreat took the Hunter's Star class. We were all in the same room but a few worked on their own projects like this one. It is a beauty, isn't it? I think she said it was her second or third quilt?
If you know anything at all about quilting, you will recognize that there are some special tricks you have to know to get this to fit together as beautifully as this does. She should be proud of her work!


Bonnie's four blocks sewn together--looking good! I was Bonnie's Secret Sister and received a lot of nice little quilting aids and hand gizmos to have in the sewing room. Hers is the first block set of four to get this far. Her colors work very well together. You can not really see from the picture but there is a teeny bit of yellow in the royal blue print.


It is a chicken. It is blue. It is a tea pot. What is not to like? 

It is Red Wing Pottery   and probably designed by Belle Kogan. The bad thing is I like almost every piece Belle Kogan ever produced. The good thing is I am not collecting anything but memories at this point and I can visit almost every piece via the computer. They virtually never break, either.


I love and respect myself as I am.

Last week's mantra was Look at things in a new way.I was glad to learn a lot about my fellow Pieceful Mountain Quilt guild members and look at how they approached various challenges. I personally challenged myself by working with a style of fabric I ordinarily would not select. At times, it was tempting to just chuck it because I was not engaged in the final product but with so many motivated people around, it was much easier to work through my issues and push on.

One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE


The Pieceful Mountain Quilters Retreat 2012 was a lot of fun and a lot of intensive sewing. Our teacher, Linda Gorman,  worked on this red, white, and blue quilt to the left to show us the process.
The class model, already completed, was very pretty. Even though they may not look it, both quilts use exactly the same method of construction. The pink lei lets you know we had a BEACH themed retreat.