7.24.14--Working On

Okay, working on working on things.

Today, I WILL find my Strata Star fabrics and cut my strips.
Today, I WILL cut more blocks for FOWL PLAY, the quilt for my Audrey Class. Today I WILL do the machine work for 
1. Small fall colors wall piece (which you have not seen because it is a gift) 
2. Martha's topper 
3. that quilt for a friend

If I can do those things, I can sit back and enjoy the hand work of binding. People don't like to do that part, but I really enjoy it. I wonder if there is a business in it for me? I am not crazy about doing the machine attaching but, it is okay. I could charge by the job and have different rates if the binding is supplied but not cut, cut but not applied, applied but not stitched down.

Pardon me, while I go spend 4-5 hours on the computer designing business cards...

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