Like many people my age, I love my computer. I love the multitude of things I can find to read about, learn about, play with. I love that it gives me access to immeasurable amounts of information, videos, images, and I don't have to go find my library card. I can "save" whatever I find, and put it wherever I want it. In fact, I can print just about anything I can find, if I want a hard copy. 
When it is time for a major update such as going from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I meet the challenge with determination and not a little fear. What if my desktop is no longer recognizable? What if I have files so old they can no longer be accessed by my "new-improved" programs? What if my defaults are faulty? WHAT IF MY BROWSER GETS CHANGED AND MY BOOKMARKS DISAPPEAR?

I did it anyway. All by myself. My book marks did NOT disappear. My browser seems unscathed. I did have issues with some of my defaults, but I figured out how to fix them.

Do NOT walk toward the light, unless you are
confident that you can restore your defaults.
I love Microsoft Picture Manager. I am not sure what Windows 10 calls the thing they forced on me instead, but I hate it. I hate it so much, I considered buying a MacBook.


I could not use what they gave me. I could not edit easily, I could not target where my pictures would be saved, I could not select a saved image to open with a different program for different styles of editing. 

But I have internet access. I was able to research how to get Picture Manager to be the program I use to view all my images. I can save an image where I want it, select a different program, such as Paint, to run edits, save it, and open it again in Picture Manager for further edits.

I am pretty happy about that.


So. I am ready for October. I know, it is still September.
Those are Utz Cheese Balls. I always wanted to spend the five or so dollars to get one of these giant containers. I was recreational WalMarting the other day, looking at Fall items and thinking about how MUCH I like PUMPKINS and came up with this idea.


My current favorite two mugs are made by Eric Van Eimeren of VE POTTERY in Helena, Montana.
Nothing makes me feel quite like I feel when I am holding a well-made mug. I found the first one on an Etsy search and bought it to try. I liked it so much, I asked him to let me know when he made any more using the same clay in a similar style. I like that these two are a little different, yet very much the same. 

I have cut out coffee.


Yes. I cut out coffee, except for the occasional de-caf. Mostly, I drink green tea--my favorite Genmai Cha. It took me hardly any time at all, only gave me a headache when I was "hiking" a bit of the Donner Pass, and only for about 20 minutes. I think part of that can be attributed to the elevation, my aversion to exercise, and the unfailing cheerfulness of my companions.

What I miss about my morning cup of coffee:
1. the aroma
2. the way that first sip is a promise that TODAY I WILL DO GREAT THINGS IF I FEEL LIKE IT
3. the pleasure in knowing if there is left-over coffee, I can make iced coffee, as long as I don't drink it after 2:00 p.m., and it will NOT cost me $5.00, nor will I have to drink it from a plastic cup with not enough ice and nowhere to throw away my cup when I realize I really don't like Starbucks.
What I do not miss about my morning cup of coffee:
1. having to pee one half gallon every 20 minutes for the first 4 hours of my day

What I like about green tea in the morning:
1. that smug feeling ALL green tea drinkers have when they announce, "I drink green tea. It is so good for you."
2. It reminds me of the first time I had green tea I liked and was told how to make it correctly.
What I do not like about green tea in the morning:
1. It is not coffee.