Ben and Lily visited us over the Christmas Holiday







The Hats for Sailors were distributed on the Decatur with extras going all over the place! Read about it HERE. I looked at some of the pictures Shanti posted and I found a picture of the Sleep Socks I knitted! It is a nice quick pattern and the socks look a little bit like ballet slippers  when they are worn.  

HERE is the pattern if you are interested.

Above is the picture I grabbed of the ones I knit in a box of goodies that Shanti received.


 WWWWWOOOOPPPPEEE! Had family for company the past few days. Here are the results of COMPLETED holiday knitting. First is the purple-y blue for a person in the second grade.

 This is for a Kermit the Frog fan of about 10.87 years of age.
 A convertible pink and pinkish hat/neck warmer for a dear, dear sister-in-law.
Baby brother's black WINDSCHIEF, done just in time before the bedtime we selected as the gift-giving day!


Still knitting away on WINDSCHIEF which I love to distraction. Pictures when I finish. Wish I knew for sure what yarn I was using because I like it very, very, very much. It is black and might be Cascade 220 superwash...


Cast on and finished! I took the pictures before I drew threw the last 6 stitches or tucked in the color ends. I had tons of different greens in partial and full balls of that workhorse yarn, Cascade 220 and a hat to make for someone who likes green.

I hope to write up the pattern for it but in the meantime, I am happily ribbing away on a Stephen West hat. It is a PDF that I downloaded from Ravelry called: WINDSCHIEF.

I am enjoying it immensely even if I am NOT using Lantern Moons and even if it does NOT have cables and even if it IS black yarn and even if I have to have my OTT lamp in my lap to see the stitches. I think I am using Cascade 220 Super Wash. At least, that is what I intend for it to be.


More subtle colors and texture. Mitts are not going to make it. There is so much I want to do to customize them and not enough time. I will pick them up again at the end of the week.

Cast on for a green hat. Got a black one waiting for its moment.


Still knitting for gifts. Still photographing my surroundings. How about this one?  It makes me want to experiment with color. But no, back to cables. The only thing that would make the mitts (see previous post) a more fun knit is if I had a set of size 3 Lantern Moons and another cable project with more Cashmerino to cast on.


Mitts for Russell in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran--chocolate brown! Luxurious yarn. Great pattern: The Highwayman by the Knitting Pirate . I believe she may be a genius.

Too bad I noticed my error (it is in the second round of cables). I left it alone for almost two hours then had to rip back to it to fix it. That is just the way I am.

It was supposed to be a sleety, rainy, freezing day but turned out to be just a little drippy. Still, the trees look magical in the fog. Back to knitting.


So. I bought one skein of Cascade 220 in a Heather pink for a ski hat. I used two strands and a provisional cast on for a short rib edge, thinking I would go back and knit it down for a doubled up rib if there was enough yarn. I made it all the way to the last decrease, slipped it on my head and didn't like it. Ripped it back to the first decrease row and took it almost all the way up straight. I thought I had seen a "neck gaiter" that could convert to a hat and thought I would give it a try. I made an eyelet row and finished off the top edge. I had to unravel my swatch to make a drawstring and to use for a single crochet Bind Off  of the provisional Cast On, which I think I may have "unvented" after about sixteen attempts that did not satisfy me. I found out with the live stitches in a rib pattern, knitting down the other way
just isn't that simple for me. I ended up dropping the stitches that would not ravel and crocheting a slip stitch to cover where they might have been.  I fiddled around with size zero needles and two strands of multi-pink sock yarn and "unvented" a puffy garter stitch heart for the ends of the drawstring that I like very much.


I tried to capture the snow blowing around but I need more expertise with the camera for that. I used the sporting events setting but the snow was too fast!  Great day to knit something made of alpaca. Something large that covers the lap...


Leaves against the sky. Who says blue and brown do not "go together"?

What a lovely day this was--just before a few days of snow.

In the picture below, see how the leaves take on the look of fine grained leather?

The shift in the saturation of the blue really brings in the greyed, lichen covered branch.

Today has a sky like this one, but everything is covered in 6 inches of snow!

It is hard to get warm again after going out with the dog but homemade pumpkin soup with HOT SAUCE sure helps...


Snowy and cold, today. When I  warm up later I will get some photography on this page. In the meantime, I will be knitting with my granddog on my lap.


Is there anything else to add to this?


Wahoo! I bought new yarn for a Kim hat. I finished the pink hat that was to be hers but turned out to be a cowl/hat with hearts--possible for a niece.  Here is the yarn for the new hat. It is the one on the far left. It has much more lavender than the photo shows. I suppose I will have to get my camera out and redo this picture.

Maybe by tomorrow, I will have the whole hat finished and take photos of that AND the pink one.


I finished the Cascade heather pink hat. I decided to make it a tube with a drawstring at the top so it can be worn as a neck warmer. I used every single inch of the Cascade that I had in that one skein. Now all I need to do is knit the little hearts I want to put on the drawstring ends and needle in the yarn tails. I have some sock yarn scraps in pink tones set aside for that. Then it will be ready to photograph.

I started another pair of wrist-warmers in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a beautiful chocolate color. I also have some gray which might make a nice cap for someone. I am going to lunch and then knitting, and I hope to have cast one or another hats before I go.

I have tried to photograph the vest yarn but it will not cooperate. Imagine a strand of red barber-poled around a strand of black, or vice-versa. It looks like equal portions of each color but photographs like a RED yarn with a little black here and there.Come back and check this weekend and see if I have uploaded any kind of photography at all.


I am back knitting again. I have two hats on needles and plans for two more. I have not cast on for my Christmas vest but I have started writing about it on my Ravelry Project List. I can't seem to find a picture of the yarn anywhere so I will take a photo myself some time this weekend.


See my new KnitMeter over to the right? I spent about an hour trying to get this gadget on the blog and in the meantime, deleted my SOCK YARN DOESN'T COUNT gadget. Oh well, I think everyone who has knit socks and liked it knows that about sock yarn. I am still working on the Blueberry sweater but very slowly. My wrists are somewhat painful today.

I finally figured out a little more of my Ravelry account and even edited it to include a link to this blog. In the process, I switched the editing process on the blog so pictures should be easier to post.

Well, it works, kind of. The pictures are easier to move around the post but the size adjustment is now simplified to small, medium, large and extra-large. I liked being able to select the size manually. Those are yellow flowers of some kind from sister-in-law's villa in The Villages.
I will try it out right now by adding a picture between these two paragraphs.


Back in the mountains! It is snowing and 20 degrees but sunny. We got here Thursday but it has taken me until today to finally acclimate. This time I had the altitude AND the temperature to master. When we left Florida it was just days after getting sunburned at the beach.

I am working on the sweater I started in the summer using Berroco Vintage in the Juniper colorway which makes it look a lot like blueberries. I call it my blueberry sweater. I have about a sleeve and a sixth to go and something to figure out about the neckline. I think I am getting carpal tunnel symptoms so I am trying not to overknit without taking a break every now and then.

Today we are going out to get a replacement string of lights for the "pre-lit" tree which is only prelit in three of the four sections. We also have a few other errands to run. The summer curtains on the windows are not very good insulation against the outdoor temperature!

I will bring my knitting but the snow is still entertaining and I am enjoying it.

We are expecting relatives over the Christmas break so my studio will get aNOTHER clean up.

My cousins visited from France and gave me a cookbook. Tonight I am planning to make zucchini au gratin. Wish me luck!


I am experiencing knitting withdrawal. The urge to cast something--ANYTHING--on to my favorite pair of size 8 Lantern Moons is overwhelming. It crossed my mind at about 4 a.m. that the closest wool could be found in a sweater at my local 24 hour WalMart. If I found the perfect color, I could unravel it, knit two or three strands together, and make something. I might even settle for a wool blend...socks, maybe.

Size 8 needles + wool = slipper socks...

Ironic how the holidays get in the way of holiday knitting.


This is Borealis colorway (#4) from Knit One, Crochet Too.

I practiced the Knit One Below technique from Elise Duvkote's book with some Noro Silk Garden Lite. I spent several hours across several days getting used to the technique and I have a fairly creditable scarf, on the short side, about two thirds finished.

Next, I decided to try a vest that is in my head. I am planning two front panels in the technique above with Cascade 220 as side and back panels. While I am working on the front panels, I'm puzzling out the rest of it. I might make the back and sides all one piece. I might put in a zipper.

If you know about the Knit One Below technique, you are probably wondering what my other yarn choice will be. I could use the same colorway and start it from the other end of the same ball. If you are reading this, then you know me well enough to guess that I'm not doing it THAT way.

Here it is. This is Twilight (#23) from the same company. It is a good thing that the yarn store from which this was purchased did not have all the choices that are available on the links I have provided. I would like to have 8 balls of at least 10 of the colorways shown!


I HAVE taken a few pictures but the cords I need to get the pictures to my computer are not with me. I will have to sort through all the pictures in December and post some of the better ones to make up for November.


Wow. We are really spoiled. We are on permanent vacation and while taking a vacation from THAT, we are in Florida at the best time of year. Not only that, we get to spend time with family and may even have time next week to spend time with friends. Then more vacation from our vacation when we return home.


This is the earliest I have
woken up in a month of Sundays. I hope arrange to wake up to see sunrises again when we get home. Next week, we go to see my side of the family and our children. It will be a little easier to wake up early while in my own room, I think.


Settled in after meeting cousins-in-law
from Oregon. They are here on a surprise vacation. Having hosted the parents-in-law numerous times, the parents-in-law worked out a trip to Florida with the cousins' children in on the whole plan. Someone has to take care of the sheep ranch while the farmers are vacationing!


We arrived in Florida to find HUGE black clouds over us. Then rain! We passed through some pretty nasty weather before we got to Ocala.
We are in a Villa in THE VILLAGES, world famous for every amenity anyone over 60 could possibly want.
Everyone gets around in golf carts, the Walmart has special parking for them, and it has pushed its boundaries to seep into three counties. It is a cancer.

The Villa belongs to brother-in-law and sister-in-law and they graciously gave us a week during peak rental season for Florida. The weather cooperated. While we are missing our fist snow back home (not really "missing it", it just happened while we were here), the Florida weather is beautiful. For the past two days, the weather has been in the mid 60s. My favorite!



We are very busy after company, getting ready to BE company. We leave Thursday for points south. Not sure if we will come back before Thanksgiving or stay away the whole month. I spent all day yesterday getting projects ready to take for either circumstance. Tomorrow is laundry- for-the-trip day. Funny that I would spend two days getting projects ready to take and only about two hours on getting a wardrobe together for what could very well turn out to be thirty days.


Going to a yarn sale! Need to add a few items to make my stash work harder. Now it is merely a beautiful playground.

OHHH! The DECATUR made its goal and THEN some!


Company left; had a great time. I am spending the day sorting through projects to take south and figuring out what needs to be added to my stash.


Went to Helen, then Brasstown Bald. Lovely day.


Very early--the temperature is 45. My poor sister-in-law probably froze last night. I got up early and turned on the heater for her even though we probably would not have used it yet. Hmmm...that is easy to say now that it is 6 degrees warmer inside than it was a half hour ago!


Company coming today--may not post until Sunday. We'll see how much time there is. We are hoping to take the train Friday through some of the Blue Ridge on into Tennessee. Saturday, we may go to Helen or Dahlonega. Must remember to charge the camera batteries.


Finally finished the owl hat. Now to figure out how to write it up as a pattern.


WELL DONE, ME!!! Got up Monday in time to see the sunrise. We had thunderstorms and hail was predicted but by 8:30, everything was wet and drippy and very gray--except for the fall leaves which stand out like jewels.

Are these not the cutest owls? They need eyes but I think for the military, since this is my last Decatur hat, the eyes will be wool embroidery. All 24. I have 8 done at the time of this posting and the hat is finished. Picture tomorrow.

This is Berocco Pure Merino Heather, winter chocolate. It photographed a little light. I am hoping I have enough in one left over partial ball to finish this hat which is another size XL. If not, I will be cannibalizing the previous hat and then knitting down on it with some other color so I can scoop up the rest of the winter chocolate.
I used 126 stitches on a size 6. I am rethinking the pattern already because I would like to sell it. That kind of scares me. I have sold baskets, dolls, pins, jewelry I made, but not knitted items or designs. Will it take the fun out of what I am doing?


One of the views from my porch...my world is so lovely right now, it is difficult to do any knitting at all in the car. I have been training myself to knit without looking at my work the best I can. Markers help me when it is time to switch stitches. My fingers are not smart enough yet to notice the difference in the stitches. Look again tomorrow to see my final hat for the USS DECATUR. I will mail out the last batch Wednesday. At last glance on Shanti's blog, her mother reported 100 hats! Some were part acrylic so they will probably be given to a mission or homeless shelter since armed services people can only have natural fibers.


Well. It looks as though I will have to start preparing ahead of time or get up earlier. Lately I have been sleeping until 10 or 10:30. I do not like it much because I feel like I have wasted half the day. I am going to try to rearrange my clock. I have been reading until very late the night before and that, no doubt, is the reason I keep missing the beautiful sunrises.

Here is a lovely morning glory. There is a house nearby and the owners have these growing at their front steps.


Is this not wonderful? I love to see cars and trucks that people have personally customized. This was in the Rite Aid parking lot Thursday. It may be hard to tell, but the whole bed and sides are in wood, with the wheel space and gasoline opening custom cut. The lettering was in shiny gold.

I think it is a copy of THIS truck, which according to the website info was in the first Smoky and the Bandit movie. It has a few seconds of film time on a Georgia fairground. Since I saw it parked only about 10 minutes west of THE fairground, I wonder if they did any filming up here or used an extras from this area. That would inspire ME to be obsessed with the movie for a long time!


This is the fourth of the Liberty Wool hats. I knit it entirely in a 2-2 rib and used Berroco Pure Merino Heather in 8613, Winter Chocolate. I know yesterday I complained about yarn that was too splitty. Well, if you have ever knit with the Berocco Pure Merino or any of its affiliates, you know the yarn is nothing but 8 lace weight strands vaguely twisted together. These are strands that love each other and cling to one another, though the yarn can be a little splitty. But it yields the absolute best knitted product. It is soft as chamois, strong, and takes color beautifully. Granted some of the Berroco superwash colors are not colors found in nature, but even I am willing to forgive them that just to get the stitch definition and comfort. One word of caution. If you try to bury your ends when changing to the next ball of yarn, do not even bother to knit 5 stitches with the two held together. Just drop the old one, knit on with the new, and come back later with a Chibi and do your best. I recommend dividing the excess yarn in half and using the Chibi in two different directions, through the yarn strands of stitches rather than under whole stitches.


Not at all satisfactory knitting. I do love knitting with the gray yarn. I do NOT AT ALL care for the red orange. It is called Rustic Wool. Do not buy any. There is not enough on one ball for a hat, it is extremely splitty, and the stitches are not beautiful and well defined. If it was not a superwash, I would felt it. Since it is, I will probably set it aside for needle felting, or find some other project that needs a little of this on a much tighter gauge.A gauge change may tighten up the stitch definition a little bit.


Finished another Liberty
hat with my second ball of Twilight. You can
see that one is a size M. I wonder if the two people who will receive these hats will know each other? The hats look like siblings. Maybe they will make the conversation opener for a long-lasting friendship between two sailors.


Here is one in a size M. I think this color is 7897
in the Sunset colorway. I knit this up quickly and use Classic Elite Liberty Wool (one ball only!) for the entire project. I don't have a size M model, so it is being modeled by an acorn squash.


I am still knitting hats and I can just about do one a day
if nothing pressing comes up. Here is the first one I did
in Liberty Wool from Classic Elite. I think the color is called Twilight and is number 7898. I bought all my Liberty yarns when they were on sale but even at regular price they seem to be a good value. This one is a size XL and I wasn't sure how far the yarn would go. I used a different wool for the ribbing and ended the hat with just a few yards to spare.


What was in that box? Yarn, of course. I plan to give those Lantern Moons a real work out. Unbelievable that the top picture is of two balls of yarn in the same colorway: Sunset, by Liberty Wool. Dedicated to hats. Next, some 8 ply I picked up the other day in Ellijay at STRINGS and STITCHES. I had thought to make a hat for a young lady but I am not sure yet. I will have to think about it.Also, more hat yarn from Webs. I might be better off using the yellow for a young lady. It is Cashmerino and delightful.


Yay!!! Trees are changing! Can't wait for the maples and the poplars. The maples are starting to go yellow. Only the sourwoods are red.


At the same time I bought the luscious Lantern Moon Rosewood size double-pointed needles, I also needed size 3, 6, and 9 --all three sets for the same price of the Lantern Moons. Sometimes you just have to save money.