7.7.14--Monday Mantra

NOW and UNTIL NOW are all we have. So, stop living in the past or you will not get to truly enjoy the present.

My NOW for yesterday (stuff I did): finished a quilt top, made a back for it, quilted a charity quilt, got in touch with loved ones (most of them--missed a couple--this means YOU, AwaySon, Daddy, and assorted good friends), cooked dinner, and decided to allow myself to attend class quilt class today WITHOUT doing anything but taking notes.

I forgive me. 

I cannot do a new anything right now.

It is okay. 

I will enjoy my note-taking VERY much, and the company of other women is strangely comforting. I am not sure I really appreciated having women friends when I was growing up. I realized how important that was while I was performing a task with a brand new friend, Swedish-C. Women simply cannot do the things we have to do without other women to help us. Why did it take me so long to know this?

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