I am experiencing knitting withdrawal. The urge to cast something--ANYTHING--on to my favorite pair of size 8 Lantern Moons is overwhelming. It crossed my mind at about 4 a.m. that the closest wool could be found in a sweater at my local 24 hour WalMart. If I found the perfect color, I could unravel it, knit two or three strands together, and make something. I might even settle for a wool blend...socks, maybe.

Size 8 needles + wool = slipper socks...

Ironic how the holidays get in the way of holiday knitting.


This is Borealis colorway (#4) from Knit One, Crochet Too.

I practiced the Knit One Below technique from Elise Duvkote's book with some Noro Silk Garden Lite. I spent several hours across several days getting used to the technique and I have a fairly creditable scarf, on the short side, about two thirds finished.

Next, I decided to try a vest that is in my head. I am planning two front panels in the technique above with Cascade 220 as side and back panels. While I am working on the front panels, I'm puzzling out the rest of it. I might make the back and sides all one piece. I might put in a zipper.

If you know about the Knit One Below technique, you are probably wondering what my other yarn choice will be. I could use the same colorway and start it from the other end of the same ball. If you are reading this, then you know me well enough to guess that I'm not doing it THAT way.

Here it is. This is Twilight (#23) from the same company. It is a good thing that the yarn store from which this was purchased did not have all the choices that are available on the links I have provided. I would like to have 8 balls of at least 10 of the colorways shown!


I HAVE taken a few pictures but the cords I need to get the pictures to my computer are not with me. I will have to sort through all the pictures in December and post some of the better ones to make up for November.


Wow. We are really spoiled. We are on permanent vacation and while taking a vacation from THAT, we are in Florida at the best time of year. Not only that, we get to spend time with family and may even have time next week to spend time with friends. Then more vacation from our vacation when we return home.


This is the earliest I have
woken up in a month of Sundays. I hope arrange to wake up to see sunrises again when we get home. Next week, we go to see my side of the family and our children. It will be a little easier to wake up early while in my own room, I think.


Settled in after meeting cousins-in-law
from Oregon. They are here on a surprise vacation. Having hosted the parents-in-law numerous times, the parents-in-law worked out a trip to Florida with the cousins' children in on the whole plan. Someone has to take care of the sheep ranch while the farmers are vacationing!


We arrived in Florida to find HUGE black clouds over us. Then rain! We passed through some pretty nasty weather before we got to Ocala.
We are in a Villa in THE VILLAGES, world famous for every amenity anyone over 60 could possibly want.
Everyone gets around in golf carts, the Walmart has special parking for them, and it has pushed its boundaries to seep into three counties. It is a cancer.

The Villa belongs to brother-in-law and sister-in-law and they graciously gave us a week during peak rental season for Florida. The weather cooperated. While we are missing our fist snow back home (not really "missing it", it just happened while we were here), the Florida weather is beautiful. For the past two days, the weather has been in the mid 60s. My favorite!



We are very busy after company, getting ready to BE company. We leave Thursday for points south. Not sure if we will come back before Thanksgiving or stay away the whole month. I spent all day yesterday getting projects ready to take for either circumstance. Tomorrow is laundry- for-the-trip day. Funny that I would spend two days getting projects ready to take and only about two hours on getting a wardrobe together for what could very well turn out to be thirty days.


Going to a yarn sale! Need to add a few items to make my stash work harder. Now it is merely a beautiful playground.

OHHH! The DECATUR made its goal and THEN some!