A Beginning

Where I wish I was right now.

Instead, I am home, thinking about unfinished knitting, spinning that I should be doing, and thinking also about reviewing my favorite knitting books. Any of those things might be fun, but I'm also beginning this new form of organizing my thoughts.

This blog is something that grew from my membership on Ravelry. I haven't organized my projects, listed my yarns, counted my needles, or any of that stuff. I got sidetracked by the part of the set up that said something about linking to a blog. A blog?

This is my second blog in two days. No, not second entry, but second blog. I trashed the first one when
{it doesn't matter, really does it? And by the way, I can't figure out how to draw strike-out lines through what I want to not say yet I want to type the way the Yarn Harlot does. You know, those strike-out lines compel me to read what she has crossed through. I think she KNOWS that and is toying with me.}