7.23.14--oh. OH!

I have been MISSED! It is funny. I don't reeeeeeealy have a sense of audience and then....someone said they MISSED me (my blog). That felt really good. 

I have been reading some sappy books and tearing up. That is very, very, very, unlike me. I hate that out-of-control, weak feeling. Still, it suited the mode of the moment of my life. 

Anyway, how does that translate to what I have been doing in the studio?
Why Did I Not Just Draft My Own Template?
Obviously the Pattern was FLAWED.
Finishing up stuff. 

1. Sunday, I finished up a "penny rug" , but I cheated by "facing" the unfelted wool pieces.

2. I worked on the last bits of quilting for a very special quilt. Just needs binding and delivery. That will be the hard part. She does not want me to visit her--has not for almost two years but I have been there three times. The first reason we moved here...

3. My dear husband surprised me by setting up my quilting frame in the cellar to work on a quilt for my first brother.

4. I decided that I would ride on a BUS to Chattanooga to see the Quilt Show, even though I need to be near a bathroom--I mean NEAR A BATHROOM--the first 5 hours of being awake. (thank you, high blood pressure pills for existing, but REALLY? REALLY? THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO TAKE CARE OF THIS?)

5. UGH. My studio is a mess. 

Surely, I Do NOT Need to Do Needle Felting.
What's Up With This?
6. Another project? No, thanks, but no. I am trying to finish some things. I need some heirs to all this...

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