7.10.14--WHELMED +

What is in Bin #3?
I DID finish the charity quilt I had planned to bind. I was able to quilt it in one day and yesterday afternoon, I was able to finish binding it. I still have an overwhelming amount of cotton fabric around here, even if it IS organized into groups. I have been unable to find the plastic containers I would like to use to store some of it. 

I use a system in my studio that keeps me somewhat organized. I have large bins with lids on them that do not allow light in. I have photographed what is inside, numbered the bins, and I keep a "visual" record on the computer. I can search the contents of each bin by picture or type in a search word to find what I want without having to open every container--USUALLY. 

My local BIG BOX DISCOUNT STORE doesn't have anything like this, so I am planning a trip to one of the BIG BOX HARDWARE STORES. I expect I may need about 4 more of these huge containers or someone will have to load up one of those PODS for me to keep in the front yard.

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