The first few weeks I was here, I realized I just didn't have the right rain gear. As a former Florida girl and recently Georgia girl, I just didn't look at rain as anything but a mild temporary condition, except for hurricanes and who goes out in those anyway. 

Rain, here, in the Pacific Northwest is a way of life. So much so, that when I DID get a water-proof jacket, I realized I would have to find a place to hang it when I came indoors. No closet would ever allow a wet jacket to dry with out mold and mildew. I also found I needed waterproof shoes! I wasn't planning on that, nor was I planning on the snow boots I had to purchase two weeks later. 

I looked at all kind of hall trees and coat racks and settled on this one. It came in two boxes half that height and I spent the better part of three hours putting it together, but it was time well spent. I use it numerous times a day.

I use the NextDoor ap on my phone and neighbors report in on concerns, ask for advice, advertise things to give away, that sort of thing. Imagine my surprise to learn that even though I am 2400 miles away from Appalachia, I still have coyotes in my neighborhood, and a bobcat was spotted down the street. Amazing. My little neighborhood does border Tryon Creek State Park, so that may have something to do with it, but I thought I would be too close to the big city for the same wild beasties I was trying to avoid in Georgia.


My first cuppa coffee at PEET'S in Lake Oswego, happened the week before Thanksgiving. I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte and slice of Pumpkin Loaf, thanks to FloridaFarmGirl, who bought me my "first cup of Peet's coffee as an Oregon resident." I realize a lot of time has passed since that coffee, and I haven't taken to the blog to thank her. Also, NO, I HAVE NOT UNPACKED ANY MORE BOXES since November. I have been busy, though.

One day, I got an Oregon Driver's license, registered to vote, got my car "smogged" (they test the emissions here--my car passed!), and got Oregon tags. I had to pay for two and put one on the front! Unbelievable!

That was a day. Three different locations, three different lines and queueing systems. But, if you can't enjoy the process, you could wait your whole life to enjoy the destination.

In December, I spent WEEKS of hours a day looking for jobs. I signed up for every job-search mechanism available. The first few days, I spent giving all the same info over and over, and uploading my resume' over and over and tweaking different iterations of cover letters.

I went on some interviews, had call backs, but several times icy conditions kept me from being able to get there. "We'll call you after the storm." Nope. One time, the interview after me was a girl who looked exactly like a Barbie-come-to-life. The job was produce clerk at the Safeway grocery store. 

I kind of wanted that job, but took one look at her and knew I should just forget it. I am in the INVISIBLE period in my life. I go in to stores and no one asks if they can help me, in fact, they scatter if it looks like I have a question. Anyway, a few weeks later, I saw Barbie as a cashier at a rival grocery, one to which I had NOT applied.  So, at least I didn't directly lose out to Barbie.

One day, I was out driving around because I thought I'd seen a store I went to 25 years ago. I had been trying to find it on my recent visits in the two years I've been commuting. I couldn't remember the name of it but drove past it when getting my car smogged. The Mill End Store. Found it.

I went in, explored, asked for an application. I filled it out on the spot and turned it in even though they said they weren't really hiring before Christmas/New Years. I got a call the next day and came in for an interview at the end of the week and got a job! So, now my life will be much busier. I'm waiting to get my training schedule.

My UtahSister asked me if I get a discount. I said I HOPE NOT! That's all I need, bags and bags of fabric to toss up on top of the stacks of boxes of fabric! Did I say I have a UtahSister? My SouthFloridaSister and family moved to Saratoga Springs. They are still a 10 hour drive away from me, but I have a boatload of frequent flier miles.

More news! As of yesterday, I have a NEW sister--OregonSister. She and OregonBrother were married last night in Maui. Congrats to ME! I now live in a place in closer proximity to more relatives than I have since I lived with my grandparents as a child.