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I will  be blogging at
for the next few weeks. I may not post until February 28, so check both places. 


I have not knit for awhile, now, but I wish I could. When I can get back to it, I am going to luxuriate in this Mountain Colors merino wool. 

It is a worsted/Aran weight, and the colorway is Willow Creek. I have always loved the colorways from Mountain Colors, but I think this is by far, my favorite. What should I make? I have 480 yards of it, thanks to a birthday gift from my WestCoast Brother and Sister-in-Law.


I guess it is safe to say I am on a purse-and-pouch-making jag. I went through my purse frames and found these which are the ones I have owned the longest. 
They were packaged and sold by Bucilla but if you like them, don't look to Bucilla. They have been discontinued. You can get them HERE, though, in gold tone AND silver tone.
I have had these for a long time because when my mother and I bought them, we NATURALLY thought there would be instructions and a template in the package. THERE IS NO TEMPLATE. But I just found one last week( 10+ years later?). At least, it was the template designed for the larger, 3.5" frame.
I traced my 3.5" frame on the template and guess-timated how to make a template for the 2" one.  If you have a 2" frame and need a template, contact me. At this time, I have no plans to make it a public offering, but I would hate to see anyone's purse frame languishing just because there was no pattern!

Next, to choose the fabric. You know I am not a fan of glittery gold on fabric, USUALLY, but in my stash I had a piece of fabric left over from when I made a tea cosy. It has a little gold metallic on it, and that suits these frames just fine.
I quilted lines a quarter of an inch apart, making a fabric sandwich of outer fabric and left over scrap cotton batting. I have enough left over scrap cotton batting to blanket a small European country. Including mountaintops.

I hand stitched them into the frames. I like the way they came out and I am thinking of sewing them together as you see in the second picture. What do you think?


I am transferring my blog to a new account. CLICK HERE to see if you can find me at
The transfer is not complete, and I am not sure if I will make a permanent change, but I am considering it. Please let me know what you think here or on TUMBLR. I will try to figure out how to read your comments there.

A Birthday Gift
Still too much snow and ice to drink this tea. It will be great for the day the first blossoms show and spring promises summer. It smells like happy.

I am transferring my blog to a new account. CLICK HERE to see if you can find me at
The transfer is not complete, and I am not sure if I will make a permanent change but I am considering it.


Monday Mantra

I can do it.


So. We had a few days where we could not go anywhere because I refuse to drive up and down hills and on sharp curves when the roads have snow and ice on them. Luckily, this is not a problem for me because I always have something I like to do.

I made my version of Madame Samm's Tammy Bag pattern I which showed you yesterday. I decided that my 6" frame, while a half-inch larger than the one required, might just work. If not, I would have the bag shell all finished for the time my intended frame arrived.
I started with the black and white gingham I had planned on using and searched until I found fabric to go with it. I actually ended up NOT using the gingham but instead, I had this weird blue and black faux woven burlap looking  plaid. 
I picked some teapot fabric as a feature, but I didn't want to waste it underneath pockets where it couldn't be seen, so I picked a partner fabric--batik "solid" red.
Then I chose a madras plaid I had lying around for lining. It shares a lot of the same colors as the teapots and has broad stripes of the batik color.

I learned a lot on my first Tammy Bag.
Pretty Pockets--useless because I did not follow instructions the first time.


I have another project going--this is called The Tammy Bag and is designed by Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt. You can buy the pattern at, where she says, "All proceeds 100% goes to purchasing new machines for those in need."

The sample photo she let me share with you features GINGHAM! It has pockets all over the place and if you look closely, a covered button! I printed the templates, and I have read the pattern twice. I ordered my frame so I could be sure to have the correct size. My vendor says it will take 10 to 25 days to arrive so I might try it out on another frame that is close in size if not exactly the same shape...I will have to see...I plan to start my stash search with some gingham I have been saving. I have lovely tiny black and white, but it is in small pieces, probably fat quarters. I will want one, maybe two more feature fabrics for the outside. I will be looking for some buttons to add, too.

I haven't decided how to handle the handle. My frames have loops as part of the mechanism, and I have a stockpile of possibilities in the hardware department. My issue with handles is ALWAYS this. How does the recipient prefer to carry a bag? How long should the handle be? Should it have a shoulder strap choice? 

Maybe I should make the first one for me.


Happy  Birthday, West Coast Brother!


Having fun embellishing fabric to make into purses. This one is for a small frame, about 4" across and 1.5" tall. I chose a border print so there is a lot of opportunity to make colorful running stitches and big stitch style quilting. I baste the outer shell fabric to cotton batting, with no backing.
When I attach the beads, I go through each bead twice and knot it on the back.  The lining will be assembled free of batting.  For a small 7" X 8" purse, two layers of batting just doesn't make sense. It would weigh more than what one could put in it!


Tea Time Tuesday is TODAY, postponed due to more birthdays!


Happy birthday, south.Florida.niece.#2!

Below, Eti waits for Mama to find one more thing at Target before going home to her birthday celebration with family.

art by Richard Austin


Monday Mantra
Words to think about this week.




Little to report; amid several projects.
5 quilts waiting for my elbow to allow me to quilt
4 partial pairs of socks and 2 partial sweaters waiting for my elbow to allow me to knit
2  3 table runners awaiting the cutting and applying of borders
1 Quilt of Valor center medallion awaiting a top and bottom inner border and inspiration for the finishing borders
Someone else's  QOV blocks, handed over to me.

1 purse pattern drafted, fabrics chosen from stash but not cut 
multitude of hexagon blocks cut, basted, and ready for assembly
smaller multitude of diamond blocks cut and ready to be basted
"Scrappy" Applique 2013 examined, reorganized
"Scrappy" Black and Tan 2014 January complete, set-up in place for the rest of the year
Studio floor almost walk-through-able

Probably oughta:
gather lose paperwork and put it in the correct notebooks
change the needle on my sewing machine
go through my crafts library and release some of those books into the world. 
release the 6 lady bugs I caught yesterday, nosing around my desk
picture from THIS BLOG

"Hippodamia convergent ladybugs congregate together in the fall to hibernate. These ladybugs can be found most often in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevadas, Rocky, Appalachian, Blue Ridge Mountains and other mountainous areas throughout the United States and Canada."


Hasn't this been fun? Thanks Madame Samm and Carla for putting this together. I have gotten so much inspiration and so many ideas!

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I had fun yesterday, trying to get the blog to post as I wanted it to, trying to make commenting open to everyone, and then trying to answer everyone's lovely comments. I have learned more in the posting of the Door Stops than in the actual making of them! 


My day for the Door Stop Hop! Glad you could stop by.
Larger one is 13.5" tall, medium one is 10" tall, small one is 7.0" tall.
My doorstop is drawn from inspiration in part from fabric I had on hand, and an article in the 2013 Autumn Quilter's World showing Babushka Pillows made by Jenny Rekeweg.

I used the basic outline of the pillows, but I needed to have objects that could stand so I extended the design to allow circular panels on the bottom.  Mostly filled with fiberfill, I used aquarium gravel (new, of course!) stuffed into old knee-highs to weight the bottoms.

They do NOT tip over easily. All together, these little ladies and the dolls in their pockets weigh 4.8 pounds!

These do not nest but authentic Matryoshka will.

Babushka means a triangular scarf worn over the head and tied under the chin  in the manner of a grandmother. In fact, the BABA part of babushka means  married woman or old woman. Some people call this style of doll a Babushka doll, but the real name is Matryoshka. Maybe you recognize the Latin "mater" as the base of the word, or maybe you are reminded of the Hindi word Matri which also means mother.

The first Russian Matryoshka was produced in 1890 by woodcarver Vasily Zvyozdochkin and painter-designer Sergey Maliutin  who were probably influenced by wooden dolls from Japan. My research mentions Daruma dolls or Fukuruma, but I think the style looks like Kokeshi, too.There are contradicting ideas about the origin, but it is notable that the Japanese Daruma depicts an Indian Bodidharma (wise man) who moved to China in the 5th century. By my count, that is a double connection to India.
Pocket dolls just right for a dollhouse!
Basically, that means the Matryoshka is as universal as grandmothers.

Thank you, Madame Samm and Carla for letting me play, too.

Madame Samm stopped by THREE times to try to leave a comment. I believe I have FINALLY, figured out how to disable all the comment moderation checks AND saved the changes. My apologies if you tried to leave a comment and it was uncooperative. Here are Madame Samm's nice words:
I am so glad I kept browsing down to find your post today…I was a bit stuck on the fish lol
YOUR BABuskas are adorable…. love the wee ones in the pocket…so clever…if you see this note…maybe bring it to the top…I bet many will comment and will see that you are HERE today lol

oh and your comment moderation , could you think about turning it off for just today….again..more comments…I could not see the words at all..let me know and I will return...

Bless your heart fixed it,,,,thank you...
I will try to get back and leave a comment after i get out of this meeting..

 Comment moderation is still please add my comment for me thx

You Matter

Mdm Samm

I guess she really does mean "You Matter", because even though she was in a meeting, she tried to help me out.

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Tea Time Tuesday briefly interrupted by this message. For tea inspired picture, see the bottom of this post.

As soon as the Door Stop Hop accepted applications for hostesses,
I knew I wanted to be one. I had asked for permanent markers from Santa, and I was designing a FISH for my door stop. I imagined it as an over-grown beanie baby style object, custom designed with the "painterly effect" I could get if I used alcohol and paintbrushes with my Sharpies.

The day after Christmas, I set up my supplies and set out to make some exciting fabric. I painted and stained and dripped alcohol all over the place. I let it dry and the next day, I drew up templates, sewed, cut, and assembled my beautiful fish.

It is huge.

It was so big, I could see I would not be able to get through the doorway it was designed to keep open, once it was stuffed. Back to the drawing board.
I left it in my sewing room, unstuffed, fin-free, waiting to become...SOMEthing.
It sure was fun to work on, though. Check back tomorrow and see what we will be using this spring when we open the windows again!  

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Tea Time Tuesday 
Read about it HERE

At first glance, it looks like a chicken but, indeed, it is a FISH! I wonder if it is part of a child's toy tea set. The owner said the mouth, handle and lid fin are plastic.



You can see he trusts the journey as far as he can control it.


I remember Sunday nights growing up. We usually had French toast or pancakes with bacon. I remember the syrup pitcher like it was yesterday. Once, my dad stuck his finger in the butter and rubbed it under the lip of the pitcher and said, "There, now it won't drip." Until not so many years ago, I thought it would work. Now, I see it was just a joke.
Sunday nights had special television programs. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kindom, Lassie, The Wonderful World of Disney. I remember we were only allowed to see half of  Disney because it was an hour-long show, and it lasted half-an-hour later than our bedtime. School was the next day, you know. I am not sure, but I think I remember hearing the program called The FBI after we were put to bed. I am sure It was one of those shows we never saw, but only heard. Was it on Sunday night?


It is GET TO KNOW YOUR MACHINE day, at Bless My Stitches. I am looking forward learning a new trick or two. I will be trying not to buy any fabric.
What I might be making for dinner:
Pork Tenderloin

Last week, I did not complain aloud about taking my turn to cook. Saturday was not too bad, and I began to believe I might not always hate cooking. 

Sunday had lots of leftovers. I decided to make biscuits to go with it. Well, NOTHING warmed up enough and the biscuits needed to be taken back to the oven, oven turned back on and reheated. My wonderful family did not even complain. I am very lucky to have them. They must be so happy it is not THEIR turn(s) to cook that they just tolerated it.