Can you spot the bunny?
Click on each picture. It may go larger in a separate window but until this publishes, I have no way of checking.

Did you find TWO bunnies in each of the pictures?


Look at this great pattern by Leslie Beck at Fiber Mosaics. It is called Cock-A-Doodle. A friend discovered it at our not-quite-annual Misty Mountain Quilt Guild Garage Sale last week. Imagine that--my friends know that I like chickens! I guess it is not a very well-kept secret. I enjoyed looking at the Fiber Mosaics site. Leslie has a lot of interesting patterns. I can say without reservation that THIS one is my favorite! Thank you, Nancy, for the surprise gift!


Monday, while having my cup of tea (Liquorice Stash Tea) I decided to get a new KETTLE. Opening it to fill it and finding a huge rust clump which corresponded with the large divot on the outside of my enamel Copco pretty green kettle is what first put it in my mind. Home Son suggested I get an electric kettle, like the Brits use. I used to have a Hot Pot in college and it heated quite well. What do you think?

Whatever the outcome, this pretty tea POT is called the Acorn Pot. I enjoy analogous colors, and, of course, oak leaves and acorns. You can find it HERE.

Extra Post!

 Click the link below and start playing with it!



It is okay to have an unexpressed thought.

One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE

This week I borrowed a phrase I heard from Mary Ann, a friend from quilting. We spent time together at the Folk School and she has a storehouse of words to live by thanks to her smart family. This one impressed me the most.


Pretty fabric! A friend at Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild taught us how to make liners for bread and roll baskets at the beginning of the month. I was having back issues so another friend squared off my fabric for me. A couple of days later, I had it sewn up and in the mail! It was fun to make and I selected several other fat quarters to use to make these liners for Christmas gifts.


I hope you are not eating breakfast while you are reading this--my bluebird friend is!  
 One less butterfly later in the spring...

May Free Motion Quilt Challenge

Leah Day is a wonderful teacher. I felt a noticeable improvement in my understanding and the link needed between speed of machine, speed of hands, and speed of brain seems to be better forged.
 We were instructed to do a large meander, then go back and fill in with smaller meanders for square number one.
Square number two was similar but the goal was railroad tracks. I can DO THIS! And with practice it will look pretty good!


Beautiful little fellow. He flew right at me one morning and stunned himself on the glass just above my computer. Here he is, reorienting himself. He may be some kind of finch, wren, or chickadee.
If you know, tell me!


Hey!  Still winning prizes!!!!! I won a door prize at Misty Mountain Quilt Guild on Tuesday.
It is an applique pattern by Country Appliques. They have some very pretty patterns. This is the one I received.

 It is called Winterberry & Holly.  It looks like fun!


This is the sample video I made for my Art Quilt Circle to look at. I love my Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 Program. My Art Quilt friends are giving me the courage to use the computer some in my actual quilting--like making my art and printing out fabric--instead of using the computer solely to goof around and avoid doing my other projects.

Photo and music credits follow the video.


Tea Time Tuesday.
I am goofy about pumpkins, acorns, squash, teapots, vines, you know me or you probably would not be reading this. So there is no surprise when I show you this magnificent creation from Jim and Anne Shelly.
It is a teapot that is viney, pumpkin shaped, and called the acorn squash teapot. It has presence.


One Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE. This week:

I make good choices.


Yes, spring is here. This six-foot black-snake skin was found by our exterminator. I hope the snake is dining on squirrels and leaving the bunches of bunnies that live near us ALONE. Since I don't have food crops, I enjoy watching the bunnies in the mornings.


Yes, I am winning contests--STILL! I won some John James notions--great company. The fabric above came as the "bubble wrap". What a nice way to send a package! Hollyhocks are among my favorites.
In the same contest--a John James sponsored Blog Hop--I won a packet of needles. Very handy and even though they were wrapped in a fat quarter, the mail system had a wonderful time and they arrived with the package all broken and messed up. No worries, the needles will be put to good use!


Happy Friday! By the time you are reading this, I am enjoying a movie on my new iPad, thanks to my brother who made a viewing stand for me.


I made a miniature Crazy Quilt a week or so ago. Too bad I forgot to photograph the finished project. I sent it in place of a get well card to my Crazy Quilt teacher, Dot.
I put dots of French knots on it to honor her. It also has two butterflies and a dragonfly but I think the dragonfly was one of the last things I added so you will have to wait until I do another. Gold and butterflies figure in heavily for Dot's quilts so I let them be the focus for this one. Dot had back surgery and we all hope she is feeling better!


I have been lucky enough to receive mounds of "homespun" pieces of fabric as gifts from quilters who are past that phase. I am happy to report that I have begun the HENRIETTA WHISKERS quilt from the Free Block of the Month (last year's) at the Bunny Hill site. 

If you want to do it, too, you can buy the patterns from her. You have to be on top of things to download the patterns for free at the right time! I see other patterns on her site that I might like. Of course, you know, I like EVERYthing that has pumpkins or acorns. Viney leaves are another draw for me. Hand Applique, you are my favorite technique.

I am off today, to applique class. My teacher, Connie Tackett, is world-class. I am so lucky to be among her students. Pictures of my Fabulous Fish to follow. On to Hawaiian style and reverse applique! The world is my canvas.


Tea Time Tuesday!
Very pretty. I think it would look nice with one of those "tea flowers". I like the way the creamer and sugar match.


Last Monday, I wrote about my thoughts leading up to having a personal mantra/affirmation phrase handy.  You can re-read that post HERE. This week:

I am a strong and resilient woman.


She is only eight years older than I am. Have I not told you? Elizabeth Berg is phenomenal. She is by far my current favorite author. You must discover her for yourself.


Berg Wiki



 Happy Mother's Day! Lily, my beautiful Grand-Dogger.  Sorry, I do not have a picture of Michael, my Grand-Catson.


A gift of batik fabric from a generous friend, some time spent hand sewing and watching Netflix on my computer...
...Around the Town Tote lined and finished!





I have POUNDS of sock yarn. POUNDS. Here is some that might or might not be Tofutsie as pictured above. I think it was in my stash, then went to Mom's, then came back to me. I had the toe-end of a sock done four or five times, then it languished for a couple of years. 

Last week, I unraveled the toe and got out my Embellish Knitter and cranked out a 27 yard tube. Later that day, I cast on and knit that tube into a scarf. It surely will not keep anyone warm but it does make a unique statement. Mom got me started thinking about sock yarn as scarves. I have another two on the needles right now. I must be back into the knitting thing...


Still enjoying the strawberry theme.
If you like it, find out more about it at DECORATIVE ARTS.


Monday Mantra:
I am a good and kind person.

I try to have a positive mantra available for those times I need to fall asleep, refrain from saying something harsh (that is still a hard one for me--if you know me, you know sarcasm is my native language) or if I am attempting something difficult.

This is a new habit for me--an outgrowth of my old "You can do it" that I used sporadically on myself. 

Studies show we can alter the chemistry of our brains by using positive thoughts. Called neuroplasticity, the theory was put forth by by William James in 1890, but scientists rejected the idea because they thought the brain was rigidly mapped and unchangeable. That kind of reminds me of the people opposing funding to Christopher Columbus. Not very optimistic, were they?

Anyway, the brain can change its structure as people combating cerebral palsy, strokes, learning disorders, or various emotional wellness issues are finding out.

So, you might say I have been thinking a lot about the chemistry of the brain and how I believe our thoughts shape our lives. 

I have thought about how some of my more spiritual friends have a greater sense of calm in some situations that would totally unravel many others. 

And, I have thought about how chanting and prayer play a large role in the world's major religions. I remember being part of a large Buddhist funeral ceremony and how much comfort we drew from our group chant.

All those reasons are why I have decided to have a little list of affirmations ready for my use. Today is the first day of Monday Mantra so I chose the phrase I was saying in my mind when all those thoughts coalesced. Borrow mine each Monday and make it yours or make your own affirmation list.

            *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
There are a lot of people willing to blog about the brain's electrochemical system. Thousands. I read through a few. THIS person (in 2009) mentioned a lot of good general habits to improve the quality of life and make a person more resistant to depression.

THIS SITE has a section called Mind Alchemy. I have linked you to the page with Barrie Davenport which links in a free download for her Living Bold program.
THIS FELLOW has a lot to say regarding depression and thought. If my optimism slips, I will be back on his site right away. A person could go step-by-step through his site like a workbook. The problem is that depressed people have inertia. What would make them utilize this site?

I am trying to understand depression better but it is difficult for me. Each day I wake up on this wonderful planet and I can not wait to look out the window and see the new day.


Blue bird of happiness. There must be a nest somewhere nearby. I have seen this fellow and his girlfriend a lot lately.



Do you know what that is? It is a jar quilt. I took the class last month from my chair caning teacher! All I have to do now is the sashing. Then choose a backing. Then baste. Then quilt. Simple, yes? I started collecting bugs and little animal fabrics when I first thought I was going to make this quilt. Several years later, I added fruits and veggies to my collection. There are 48 different fruits and veggies planned for this quilt even though some of them are not typically put up in jars such as the bananas and the coconut! I would like to work on it this month and get it basted. I will have to find just the right backing, though.


Mom knitted and fulled a bag for me a long time ago.
I bought leather handles for it a long time ago.

Not very long ago, I grabbed some of my favorite "left-overs" and pieced them into a shape big enough to line the bag and put the whole thing together. It was very useful on a recent trip! Project ACCOMPLISHED!!!



I have a feeling I could be very good friends with this lady.

She knit a strawberry cosy, found a teapot that it matched and began an entire collection. You would not believe it but they all fit inside a REAL tea cosy that once belonged to her parents. She completely refurbished it including buying fabric that has teapots on it to be the outer covering.