Another day of not much.


More of what yesterday brought.


I am afraid I have nothing to say. I have not really been doing much of anything at all. Reading some, knitting some, mostly just nothing.


I have been destashing. With any luck, these are going to new homes today.

Sorry to say, that doesn't even put a dent in what I need to put away.


Getting back in the swim. After all, it IS almost hot tea weather...




I am feeling a little stressed lately, and I think I will take a few days off the blog. Part of my stress is how long it is taking to stain the house. It has been a long time since I could look out a window because they are all taped up and covered with plastic. I knew I relied on my view of the outside to keep me buoyant, but the staining business has really brought that home in a big way. It is making how I handle everyday stress and extra surprise stress just that much more difficult.

We can't sit on the porch because the deck is being stained and the furniture is in the basement. We have to exit by the basement door when the deck has a new coat on it. QuiltyFriend (the Original) is going to take me to Friendship Group and even though I have not quilted in EVER so long, I am looking forward to the outing. Perhaps I will only take a few more days off.


Tea Time Tuesday

Apparently these exist, and I have never seen one until a recent Pinterest-a-thon.


Monday Mantra



Bought more yarn.


Have you heard of  "yarn bombing"? Personally, I just don't get it. I suppose it is similar to performance art. Like art you can't get away from because it is right there in community shared space whether you want to see it or not. Don't get me wrong, some of it I enjoy, some I do not, just like when I PURPOSELY go to the theater or the museum. Too me, it is not like the beauty of city sculpture or architecture or gardens. It seems like soft-core vandalism. Kind of like graffiti. But I don't know. What do you think? Click the "yarn bombing" link and see for yourself.


HILARIOUS! If you are looking to waste time on the computer, GO HERE to find something else by this artist.

Still knitting and contemplating making this. I already printed out the pattern and the notes from Ravelry by many who made it. It looks like a project that would take me right through the winter.
I like darker colors but cables look so good in lighter colors. A lot to think on.
It is the Cable Luxe Tunic by Lion Brand. Above is a variation. I like her braid better than this one, don't you?
Yeah, I THOUGHT it looked like several winter's worth of knitting...


Okay, so not ALL my time is knitting this week. I have pretty much fallen under the spell of PINTEREST. And then, I go to Ravelry and see what others had to say about patterns I am considering, yarn I am using and to just generally fool around.


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Pretty much, yeah. I am stalled on the leaf shawl--of course I only need one more skein of a yarn they have not made for two years. I haven't picked up the white jacket. I knit a few lines here and there on AwaySon's sweater. I have most of a back of a vest done using this Cascade I bought a couple years ago for a vest. Surprising because usually after yarn sits awhile in my stash, the original project doesn't appeal. This time it did and I am hoping to begin one of the front panels today.


Tea Time Tuesday
I am still enjoying my Iced Passion by TAZO Tea. 

I managed to get to a TARGET store last week and bought two more packages. That stuff is DELICIOUS.

I have a board called TEA on Pinterest and here is a pin you might enjoy.
Pinterest is a massive virtual collection for anybody. I keep adding Boards and then filling them up. Pinterest is perfect for the poor but acquisitive lollygagger.


Monday Mantra
Something to inspire me.
I found it on Pinterest. I think it might have come from HERE. Before that, I don't know.


Knitting. Knitting. And more KNITTING. That is what I have been doing. At least, that is what I have been doing when I am not lounging around on PINTEREST. I keep looking at buttons, bakelite, and baskets.

But I AM knitting!
This is a scarf from Unisono sock yarn by Zitron 
This photo from my iPad does NOTHING for the yarn. If I wasn't so lazy, I would get my camera and take a REAL picture. Here is an image of the true colors. Add deepest chocolate brown and take away some of the red.

It is a pure pleasure to work. I keep looking at the scarf, though, and thinking, "This would make a great pair of socks." I knit half the yellow, all the green and most of the turquoise on a single trip to the dump and back. Still, it WOULD make a great pair of socks...


There is nothing to say to make this picture:
A. better
B. understandable
C. less scary
D. funnier
E. all of the above.


I am knitting with THIS. It is Berrocco's Jasper in the Brown Marron colorway, which is discontinued. What a shame, it was my favorite of all they had to offer.
And I am hoping it will be come THIS.
It is the Garden View Shawlette by Tracey Withanee. Don't be surprised if I have no post for Saturday; I am enjoying knitting this so much I may have to make one for myself.


Happy Birthday South Florida Brother.

I have been traveling, a little. Of course, I travel every single day all over the world thanks to the internet.  I used to think I would like living in a motor home so we could travel from place to place and visit family, but I have gotten very settled into my "treehouse" in the mountains.
If I DID travel, though, I would like to think I could go IN STYLE.  I LOVE the whole streamlined era, but I would probably enjoy STEAM PUNK just as much.

After all, I do like my tech toys as well as old-timey hand crafts.
I should think this belongs in a movie or a Cirque du Soleil Show. Find out more HERE.