6.30.14--Monday Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA/thought of the week
One of Many Gifts from Quilty Cousin

Read books and enjoy them again when you talk about them with others.

My parents have set a good example for me! They also discuss movies they have seen and doctors they visit!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad

6.29.14--What ?

Lately, several people have told me how they have taken a departure from their usual fabrics. I did, too. I bought pink and green. I do not see any orange, do you? I have a Bow Tie quilt in mind with an Irish Chain variant quilt for the scraps. Somehow, I want to work in some applique, too.

Right now, I have an idea to do a pattern that has the quilter make one shopping list and create THREE different small quilts that coordinate. They are to be table toppers, wall quilts, or doll quilt size, probably not bigger than 30". So far, I have 4 running quarter yard cuts in pink, and 4 in green. Actually, I think I have a couple of fat quarters in there. I want the pattern to be able to be used either way. I think it will work for scrappy, too.

I continue to think about it while working on the Dresden. If I had that computer program--EQ7--I could get this set-up designed in a day. I belong to AQS and qualify for the discount on the program but I am hesitant to spend the money. It is not a cheap program.

I tried two free iPad apps for design, but they are so basic I feel better off with my graph paper and pencil.

I wrote the above before I left for a month. I am not too sure how soon I will get back to that particular set of fabrics, or the pattern idea, but it is good to have somewhere to begin.


I have returned from out of town. I have a lot of sewing and quilting to resume. It is hard to even see where I left off. I think I will begin by ending. That is, I will start by finishing. I have a number of things in the "almost done" category and I think I will work on those for awhile. I plan to write a little here and there as I go along but the next few days will be very busy, I am sure.