Definitely NOT what I am looking for in a paper clip
Moving along with the UFOS--or works in progress. I have three of the six place mats for the UFO club's May selection but I am not caught up for my Friendship Group. Maybe I am working on that right now! No, really I am working on a list of things to look for when we leave for our end-of-the-month vacation. You know, things I just can't get here unless I order online. Like my favorite Stash Tea. My grocery stores carry a myriad of Stash Teas, but no long stock licorice. 

When we used to eat croutons, we could only buy them on vacation. Now that we don't eat them anymore, our grocery stocks them regularly! 

 I would like to see if I could find some "soy nuts". My grocery has them but they are very pricey. I bought pumpkin seeds instead.
Really, there is very little if anything, that we NEED but can't get with an hour's drive and some planning. 

 It would be nice to have a choice of binders, paperclips, and printer supplies, but those can come via the mailbox. 

I would like the opportunity to use my Michael's and Joann's coupons without paying shipping, but really, what do I need? I think I might like to get my camera adjusted. Maybe next time when we go to Florida I can arrange a trip to Colonial Hobby.

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