I am not sure, but I think Jennifer Mathis still has the Summer Sampler Series still up.  Take a look at the last three. 
Block 7 is PIE. Mmmmm. Looks like Key Lime. If you are a Purlbuttons blog follower and did not grow up in Florida, you might not know that Key Limes do not make GREEN pie. I don't think I ever ate Key Lime pie with chocolate crust, though, so maybe this is banana cream pie.
Then there is this delicious Strawberry Shortcake which is block 8. I like the artificial strawberry flavor but not so much REAL strawberries. Still, as cakes go, this one is very pretty. I never had strawberry short cake with any other kind of cake than angel food. Maybe they do it different out west or wherever it is that Ellison Lane is actually located. What ever the case, it looks charming.

And here is the last block--my weakness in the summer time!We were not able to visit my grandmother very often when I was growing up but when we were there in the summer time and all the cousins came over, I remember sitting on the porch glider with ice cream cones.Grammie ALWAYS had 4 or 5 kinds of ice cream or sherbet available. There were usually cones and always spills! 
There were 15 grandchildren and I was number six. Being with all the cousins was a wonderful memory. So what flavor ice cream do I remember? I think she always had butter pecan. It was always a disappointment to choose butter pecan. It NEVER tasted like praline! And for some reason, I always expected it to. No, I remember sherbet. I think I had my first taste of sherbet on that porch. I don't remember if it was lime or orange but I remember being surprised at the flavor intensity.
I just joined the UFO club (Un Finished Objects) and I have so many things on my list. When you join, you list 10-ONLY 10--items and a random number is chosen each month. I joined a little late so I missed #2 but slipped in just in time for #7. Procrastination, don't you know.

I don't think these cute little foundation pieced squares will count as UFOs until I pull fabric, print out the bases and then shove them all into a bag because I am about to have company again. So I can still have planning pleasure and keep to my UFO list. I was smart enough to snag the patterns while they were free, but also smart enough not to try one out yet. I would like to work on them in February for next summer.

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