Monday Mantra is a call to action for me. 

I have to get going on my retreat packing! The Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild has their retreat this week and I will be back sometime Friday. If I get organized, I will be posting along while I am actually at the beautiful Hinton Center. At the writing of this post, I have not decided what projects to bring. I decided not to take classes but just work on some things that have to get done. 

The classes looked interesting. One is a quilt from a jelly roll (42 strips 42 inches long by 2.5 inches wide) and the other is a fabric coil style basket. I had planned to do my own jelly roll quilt (hopefully for AwaySon who is now away in Chicago so it will have a wool batting) and I will probably spend some time on that. The other thing I have to do is replace the binding on a quilt my mother made for HomeSon. Poor thing probably wonders if I will ever get around to it.

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