This woman reminds me of at least two ladies I know.

I don't know who that young lady is but the sentiment is worth thinking about. Fear of the unknown is kind of arrogant, don't you agree? First, you acknowledge that there is an unknown. Then, you judge that it is harmful or judge that you do not have the strength or skill to deal with it. Or that you would prefer to remain ignorant! It smacks of prejudice to me! Is there anything more arrogant than prejudice?

I try to be curious about some of the unknowns around me but I have to admit I remain arrogant about roller coasters (not entirely prejudiced, I have been on one or two), and spiders (never EVER EVER curious enough to learn more).

See my new FOLLOW ME button? Google Friend Connect is biting the dust so I have joined bloggers all over the world and become a part of Bloglovin'. Basically all it means is you follow the blogs you like and they send you an email with the posts from those blogs everyday. You use it as a sort of design your own magazine. My magazine, of course, is quilting and such. Don't fear it, try it out! Any topic that interests you is available in blog-land and you can easily keep up with them all via one of your email addresses.

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