SUNKEN TREASURE DISCOVERED in 2000  a Franck Goddio Project click to see his site.

If you had a wish and a magic lamp? Would you wish for wealth? Would you wish for eternal youth? I might wish to spend a few weeks on an archeological dig--even if I had to don scuba gear! 

Thonis, an Egyptian city founded in in about the eighth century BC, sank into the Mediterranean probably in the eighth century AD.  It was a port for the Greeks and was called by them, Heracleion
There are about 80 pictures and a few videos to watch. You can click the link above or THIS ONE from the Huffington Post.

I had thought I would like to be a cultural or physical anthropologist. There surely were not very many jobs available when I was choosing a career. I have always enjoyed studying clothing of different periods as well as jewelry, household tools, baskets, and ceremonial customs. 

I enjoy thinking about the similarities in languages and the physical characteristics different groups of people have in common. I like to think about migrations of early humans when our continents were arranged just a little closer in some areas.

A fascinating thought. You can see this map HERE Go and read about the results of DNA and ancestry told by National Geographic. How I would have LOVED to be part of this study.

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