I presented some of my dolls and bears at the big guild (Misty Mountain Quilt Guild) in May. I was a little nervous at first thought of such a thing but I managed okay. 

A handful of people were asked to show some of their other ineterests. There was a jewelry maker, a card  and assemblage art maker, a vintage clothing maven, a painter, a sculptor, and I am afraid I did not get farther down the line than that. 
A doll my mother made for me sits in the center.SHHH. That was a secret.
They rounded out the afternoon with a real live auction by one of my quilt buddies who went to auctioneer school. She was very good. Of course, it was the first and only auction I ever attended. I have been to and supplied items for dozens of silent auctions but this was my first REAL one. 

I made a new doll friend,
M.A.T. We are going to have a day of dolling sometime in July.

All the dolls and bears I brought were mine (except one!) and I only scratched the surface of the ones I have made. Many have moved on to other homes, but I still have a large number. Guess I had better get busy and finish off a few more so I can sell them at the Quilt Fest Boutique!

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