Yes, they are all bald. I intend to give them hair. Some now have bloomers on but none have their skirts or wings. They are meant to raise money at the October QuiltFest in Blairsville and sell through the boutique. I will probably price them fairly low so they will move. I will be donating any money made on the dolls to the Quilts of Valor group, whom I have spoken about before.
I hope while you are reading this post, I am getting something done. I have been in terrible ennui frame of mind. At least I am getting some reading done. I finished the first and second in the Sovereign Series by my "cousin", Jennifer Wixson. Hens and Chickens can be found HERE. 

Then you will want to read Peas, Beans, and Corn which you can find HERE. I still have not written my review so you will just have to wait! But I can tell you this, rarely do authors have a better second book than their first, but Jennifer has done just that!

Finished the women soldiers in the Civil War book I told you about, and I am now in the midst of 7 diaries compiled by a scholar (Frederick Drimmer) who was curious about what it was like to be captured by Indians. In Captured by the Indians, the earliest diary was written during the time of the French and Indian Wars. I am finding it enjoyable so far. He said he alternated between good and horrible experiences. so I am just about ready to see what that means.

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