seventh in a series
If I lived in Chicago, I would...

Bread Basket Class
Finish up at the Art Institute of Chicago and search out the Chicago Weaving School. They have $40 weaving sessions and have the supplies available for their classes. This bread basket costs $5 for materials. I think I would be here for every workshop. I don't need the class to do this one but to pick up the supplies and hang out with people who enjoy what I enjoy? WOW. 

Market Basket

Look at this one. I don't need the class for that, either but the materials are only $10 and the class takes two sessions ($80). I could gift it when I was finished enjoying making it.

Then there is this little beauty. Not terribly functional unless you have a lot of roving to store artistically next to your spinning wheel. I wouldn't need a class to do this either, since I have a little bit of experience with this style, but still. A two session class ($80) and materials fee of only $10? Spending the time with other basketeers? Count me in.

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