Every time my sister-in-law from the Ocala area in Florida comes up, she asks a question about some natural phenomena or other such as, "Have you seen any ___________ up here yet?" I answer no and before you know it, that very thing in question appears.

The first year, we had hummingbird feeders hanging on the back porch. "Ever see any humming birds?" As soon as I said, "Not yet," one appeared.
Photo by Sandra Rayman Harrison
 Recently, when she and her husband came up, she was interested to see wild life. Snakes are her favorite so it is no surprise to you, I am sure, that our resident pine snake slipped out of her hole for a little sunbathing. 

Photo by Sandra Rayman Harrison

Sister got video and lovely close ups of the turquoise eyes but video will not cooperate for me to upload so here are some stills she took.


In my modest front yard, I have been experimenting just a little bit with bulbs. This year we put in three begonia corms. "Have any come up?" she asked. "No, not yet," I answered.
Yes, that's right. The day before they left.

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Leanne M said...

You need to get your sister-in-law to ask if you have won the lottery yet ;). Eeeew at the snake, I couldn't go into the garden knowing that was outside. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.