I had better get that worm!

I remember as a child hearing the old John Ray proverb (1627 – 1705) and immediately making the connection. I think it was on a children's show. Maybe Captain Kangaroo? I have mostly been an early bird all my life but I am still a procrastinator. I am continually working on that character defect. I have been SORT of following FlyLady, although, admittedly, I have just been deleting the daily emails lately. It has been constant company  at our house since early May with down time only for meetings, physical therapy, groceries and laundry.

One of FlyLady's sayings is "I can do ANYthing for 10 minutes.  I plan to make a list of 10 things to do for 10 minutes a day and see if I can make some progress. I need to start with 
                     1. clean off the ironing board and studio work surfaces                  
I think maybe I can put some things on twice, at the beginning and the end of the list.  While you are reading this, I am at a meeting for which I should have a handful of quilt blocks to show. They just are not ready. I think I managed to cut them out, though. I am writing this four days in advance but I doubt I will have time to do much more than make the list before Thursday's post. 

Well, I have number 1 ready, anyway.

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