Here is the tote I told you about yesterday.  I was trying to get it done quickly, so of course, I made a hasty decision and could not correct it. 

I wanted the green to be behind the pocket and the blue to be on the back as well as the outer pocket. Oh well, design opportunity.  

I added applique, stitching, and buttons. I also made notes on the pattern for changes for next time. 

I had it in mind when I went to A SCARLET THREAD south of Atlanta and bought a couple o' three pieces of fabric to try the tote pattern again. What do you think? 


Here is some I HAD to have and I cannot even say why. It will be place mats or another tote. Girl can't have too many. What do you think of the basket weave? (Country Stitches) I think it is a GREAT go-with for a tote OR place mats.

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