Just a few short weeks ago, I had given up on having an actual winter. Even my trees were budding and my wonderful day lilies and daffodils were sprouting. I was even thinking about digging in the dirt a little and separating some of the bulbs. Every time I went to the store--almost all the stores I patronize--bulbs were for sale. Surely I could find room for just one more? Then the snow came. 
 Oh, no! I wondered if I should cover the dear little things, like we do in Florida when frost threatens. But I decided to wait and see.
We have the plastic plant pots and the chop sticks to keep the dog from running over

them. The plan is to have the flowers bordering our pathway from the drive to the house. See how determined they are to grow? If I had to make a kid do a science fair project, I would have him track the temperature of different growing things. As you can surely see, the motivated plant has made the snow recede. There were little rings around all of the bulb plants and they seemed determined to grow despite the blanket of snow. We had lingering snow spots through the yard for almost a week. Next year I will try to notice where the snow melts first and look for the blue flag, crocus, and violets warming up for spring.

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