See this? This is what happens when I go to bed with quilts on my mind. The Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild, of which I am proud to be a charter member, issued a challenge for the March meeting. Green. Yes, just one word. Green. I fell awake one morning last week and instead of doing my homework for my Audrey class, I just HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO make this little project that was forcing its way out of my brain into my hands. I don't even think it qualifies as a "Modern Quilt Movement" object. Contemporary? Maybe. What in the world am I to do with it? What was I thinking? I am unlikely to carry it as a purse. Well, maybe I would. Once.

First, I had to invent the purse part. That was tricky. As I awakened, I thought about putting in a little girth with the elastic side panels. Decided NOT to add batting between the layers so the elastic would contract more easily. Good idea. My original draft was for a purse double this size but I was too cheap to use up that much fabric on a whim.  The elastic side panels made a lot of sense when the project sized down to half.

I thought about an outside pocket but didn't want to use more than a fat quarter for the main part of the bag so I raided my stash and found this pretty pink and orange fabric. When I was finished, the pocket looked better with the wrong side public. Why not. I just happened to have a running quarter yard of this GREAT stripe. I LOVE stripe as binding.

The wiener dog was easy. I have a lot of fabric in HAPPY green. I did not know how much I liked green because my green tolerance is fairly narrow. Apparently it runs quite deep. Anyway, after inventing the purse, drafting the dachshund was EASY. HomeSon saw the project and called it a Wiener-melon. I think he is right.

Quilty Friend (the Original) says I could put tools in it like rotary cutters and Frixion Pens. I think she is right. Guess I will keep it.

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Angie said...

This is the most ADORABLE thing EVER---I am owned by two wiener dogs so you KNOW I fell instantly in LUV with this. :D Great job!