Scensational Gift from Harrison Niece

Chickens. Chickens. Do I have a chicken (and ROOSTER) obsession? Why, yes, I do, thank you. A few months back Country Stitches was having a sale on some of their fat quarters and I picked up this hideous yellow because the chickens were so cute.
I especially like the small chickens and the ones with dots. A fat quarter does not go far for quilting unless one makes ONLY doll sized quilts. What to do. A little time passed and one day, I unfolded this 18" X 20" piece of fabric and found that if I pieced one of the chickens, 
there would be four of each  design. Perfect. I put them face down on unbleached muslin, sewed around them, slit the backs, turned and pressed them. 
Then I had a stack of 24 chickens in various sizes and attitudes. So I put them aside.

One day, they came out again. What to do, indeed. They went with me back to the quilt store and I looked at various fabrics in various colors. That yellow is truly vitriolic. Why not try a color from one of the chickens? I thought maybe the gold or the green to quiet it down. Quilty Friend (the Original) pulled some garnet. YUCK I thought, but no. Unbelievably, it quiets the yellow and lets me enjoy the chickens. Now what. Twenty-four 4.5" blocks. ON POINT. What would you do?

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