Well, I was not going to make this one block from the Audrey class. It is called the Linear Log Cabin. In it, one uses eighths of inches and cuts either the darks or the lights noticeably thinner than the other color. I do not care for Log Cabin and have not turned the BASIC Log Cabin blocks I made into mug rugs yet, although that IS my plan. No, I had completely decided that those mug rugs would be my last Log Cabin. Then, I went to Quilting Group last Tuesday and some of my fellow sewists could not believe I would skip a lesson. They were right. I sat right down that afternoon and chose my fabrics. I decided to make the thinner "logs" the light ones. I knew I would not use the block in my 2nd grade quilt but I selected from that palette anyway, since the fabrics were "out". This is not my first attempt. Somehow my finished block did not measure the right size. My teacher told me to take the outer "log" off and recut it so the block finished out the right size. I DID take it off and I decided to just border it with a completely different color, discarding the darker orange shade. Not only that, I decided to make a tote out of the block. I have not yet put it together and I think I have an excuse for that.  
The block is ready, fabric is pulled for the tote, but I will wait until the quilt is done and let it be the storage case for the quilt. I may even make it into a pillow case style quilt storage case. Sounds like a good enough excuse for procrastination, right? 
I am also plodding along with the applique for my Audrey quilts. This one is for the Kindergarten quilt. I want to add some whimsical stitching to this pretty little flower. I put a little on but want to do more. The problem is, I can not decide whether to do all the "art"ing of the block before it is backed with the batting and ready for quilting or make it part of the quilting.

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DeAnna S. said...

I don't care much for log cabin either, yours is lovely though. Your applique is awesome.