I also received my fat eighth yard scrappy fabric. The neutral will remain the same but the feature fabric will be 30s reproduction feed sack style fabric. I am trying to piece an eight inch star each time, do two specific appliques, and feed the rest of the scraps into some tumbling blocks and hexies. I used up a lot more of the neutral than I thought I would so I had to piece it to make the star but I don't care. It was the challenge of using as much of the fabric as possible that I was interested in. Of course, the fact that it is 30s fabric did not hurt one bit. I can already tell my quilting piece work has gotten better since beginning my Audrey class. For one thing, I don't have to look up the block I want and make the size they have, I can look at the block and figure out how to cut the fabric to make it the size I want it to be. Good thing, since I need that skill for the Saturday Soiree I wrote about yesterday.

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