By the time you are reading this, I expect I have had a very humbling experience in a beginner quilt class. I am posting these pictures of a quilt I made for my father and his little dog a couple of years ago in case I need to remind myself that I really DO know how to quilt no matter how hard I found it to do a full day beginner lesson.
I remember I bought a couple of charm packs--five inch square pieces of fabric that sample an entire line of fabric. I bought them when charm packs were an affordable choice. I think I paid under $5 for each pack. I used a sett like one my grandmother and great-aunt used on a baby quilt for my brother ( Streak O'Sunshine, I think it is called). I followed a diagonal line up for the color groups. I really liked the fabric I found for the backing

This is the first quilt that I used Big Stitch for the quilting. I remember spreading it out on the dinning room table and quilting in diagonal lines to emphasize the color arrangement. It was fun to do and came together really quickly. Now it is a nap quilt for my father and a different little dog.

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