So do you think that was enough activity for the week? Me neither. Here are the blocks for this month's Small Quilt Challenge. 
Yup, I chose fabric on Feb 1, cut out on Feb 2, did preliminary stitching on Feb 3, secondary stitching on Feb 4, finished on Feb 5. I am sort of proud of them. I can tell from the photos that I will not be happy until the whole thing is tea-dyed. I do not like the flash of white with the creams.
If you are my sister-in-law in Portlandia, you will recognize fabric that until last week was in YOUR stash! Thanks, Sis!
My personal challenge was to look at the picture of the quilt and figure it out because my copy of the book had to go back to the library.
I have not cut the setting triangles but I have selected the fabric and done the measurements--at least according to MY size blocks. I made the tiny light colored squares to finish out at 1".
My next challenge was to try to mix it it up a little bit color wise. This is outside my comfort zone but I DID try. I am very comfortable with BRIGHT BOLD colors and I especially like an analogous pallette with an accent from across the color wheel.
This fadey stuff is hard for me but I am really enjoying the challenge and I am taking the time to look at each print by itself. So far, I have made 3 small quilts and each has one fabric found in one of the others. I like the connection, like a circle.

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