I have been BUSY. Next week, I will be even BUSIER. I have accomplished a LOT and I will show you pictures strung out across the next few days.
First of all, I made a tote from a pattern that Quilty Friend (the Original) gave me. You would think I would have a picture of it, but it is too dark to take a good picture so instead, I will skip to the next business.

I went to my first Audrey class and came home EXHAUSTED. Brain overload. I sewed a total of four 9 inch seams and I was proud of that. I did not even get to make the nine-patch, no doubt while you are reading this, I am working on it. I spent the next four days (averaging 10+ hours) working on my schematics for the Kindergarten and First Grade Quilts. As I am writing this, it has been SIX days since the first class and I am only just now BEGINNING to think about the Second Grade quilt. You see, she sets up her classes so the Second Graders do what all the others do as well as their own work. 

Now, I am not sure I really am a Second Grader, but you know I pretty much want to be best at everything. I think now in maturity, I am able to translate that to be MY best at everything. Anyway, I enjoyed planning my schematic so much, most mornings I could not wait to get up to get started on it and was usually at it by 5:00 a.m.

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