See our wonderful little car? I am so glad we chose that one. It is a PEACH!

Press the play button. Saturday, Quilty Friend (the ORIGINAL) thought we could squeeze in a little fabric shopping before the weather turned, but we did NOT. Q (AKA Thelma) was driving and we slid back down the very first hill in the neighborhood before we even came to any of the steeper ones. My husband came to the rescue so we did not have to walk up the hills to get home.

Now look at some pictures I took that very morning when the temps were in the mid 40s.
I don't even remember what kind of bird this is, but he was very, very busy. He was here with five or six of his friends. I think they must have known something was about to happen.

 Here it is, Monday morning, and after a full day of temperatures in the forties, there is still a lot of snow on the ground in places, and the roof below my studio window is mostly covered and has about an inch of snow. I hope this little bird found enough to eat and a warm place to go.

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